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Jeffrey Dean Morgan ‘Can’t Unsee’ Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ Herogasm

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Amazon’s The Boys is now well into its third season. The superhero show is one of the, if not the most popular show that Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service has to offer. Like Invincible, one of Prime Video’s other most popular shows, it’s a deconstruction of its own genre. The show constantly pokes fun at both superheroes and American society. Considering it has Seth Rogen as an executive producer, this should come as no surprise.

Season 3’s newest episode may just be the most shocking yet. So shocking that it’s pulling in celebrity reactions from all over Hollywood. Jeffery Dean Morgan of The Walking Dead and Watchmen fame seems particularly taken back.

The Boys Season 3

the boys season 3 homelander
A shot of Homelander in ‘The Boys’ Season 3.

“One word. HEROGASM. That’s it. That’s the twit. @TheBoysTV did it. I saw it. Can’t unsee it! Just… prepare yourselves. (I watched thrice!),” reads the tweet sent out from Morgan’s account.

The 6th episode of Season 3 is leaving fans with their mouths agape for a number of reasons. The first is the event of the episode’s title: the “Herogasm”. An annual event within the show’s world that involves a massive orgy full of superpowers. The depictions of nudity and sexual acts within the episode push what’s permissible on television to the absolute limit. The show’s head writer even said that they went through all of the standards to ensure everything they could show was shown.

On top of the “Herogasm”, this episode contains what might be the biggest fight scene yet. An all-out brawl between Homelander, Soldier Boy, and the new superpowers of Butcher and Hughie. With a fight this big coming in only the 6th episode of the season, there’s no telling where the final 2 episodes will go. Can it get more shocking than what The Deep did to that octopus in Episode 6? That may or may not be possible.

The Goriest Show In The Hero World

The Boys attracts a lot of attention for multiple reasons. On top of the shock value that comes with its over-the-top depictions of gore and sexuality, it also has a powerful story. One that continuously pushes its characters to the edge and dissects the corruption of the powerful.

There’s an obvious irony to such scathing social commentary being put out by the richest company in the world. But Amazon doesn’t seem to mind that their own CEO is one of the “Homelander-esque” figures the show seeks to take down. In fact, it seems as though they’re putting their all into The Boys right now. Even going so far as to fund the spinoff show The Boys: Diabolical. The future looks bright for this franchise.

There are two episodes of The Boys Season 3 remaining. They’ll be going live in the upcoming Wednesdays.

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