‘The Boys’ Does ‘Supernatural’ With Jensen Ackles, Will Jared Join Cast?

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Nick Davis

The Boys has no shortage of talent on its roster. Many of their biggest names take small roles. Like Simon Pegg as Huey’s father or Seth Rogen making a handful of brief cameos. One of the biggest new additions to the cast for Season 3 is Jensen Ackles. Many will recognize Ackles from a number of roles. From Jason on Smallville to Eric on Days Of Our Lives. But, more recently, many fans of Supernatural will know him as Dean Winchester. And The Boys fans know him as Dean, as well, judging by a recent viral social media reference.

From Supernatural To The Boys

Only three more episodes of Supernatural on The CW
Jensen and Jared (The two leftmost) together on ‘Supernatural’

The official Instagram account for The Boys put out a recent social media post with a Supernatural crossover.

“There’s a Winchester in that trunk but it ain’t the kind you’re thinkin’,” reads the post’s caption.

Ackles even left a response to the post reading “I see what you did there… and I like it”. Fans of both shows are ecstatic to see the interaction. Jensen joins Season 3 of The Boys as Soldier Boy. One of the strongest “supes” the show has ever seen. One that even makes Homelander himself tremble with fear. The interactions between Soldier Boy and Homelander in Season 3 have been some of the season’s best moments.

With Jensen Ackles being on the cast and seemingly here to stay for a while, fans are wondering if Jared will come along as well? Jared Padalecki is the actor behind Sam, Dean’s brother in Supernatural. It’s been a while since fans have seen Jared and Jensen interact as Dean and Sam onscreen. Since someone over at The Boys seems to love Supernatural as much as we do, it may be possible to see Jared come onboard in the future.

Right now, Jared is playing the lead role in Walker, the reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger. The series just got a renewal for a third season, so for now it would seem that Jared is too busy with that to join The Boys. But who knows? Maybe in the future, Jensen will convince Jared to step in for a cameo.

Soldier Boy

It seems like Jensen will be around as Soldier Boy for a while in the show. Although, nothing is set in stone as of right now. The finale of Season 3 is still yet to come. Knowing The Boys, the finale is sure to be full of intensity, gory action, and “supe” drama. It’s unlikely that every main character will make it out of this finale alive. But is it even possible for Soldier Boy to die? That remains to be seen.

The Season 3 finale of The Boys will air on July 8, 2022.

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