Blake Moynes Sends Message After Frightful Hospitalization

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BacheloretteĀ alum Blake Moynes is sending a message to fans after his frightful hospitalization in Africa. Last week, Emily Moynes, Blake’s mom, pleaded with fans to pray for her son. She shared that Blake was suffering from a horrific infection while in Africa. She said it got so bad he had to have surgery. Now, several days later, Blake is speaking out for the first time since his hospital stay. What does he have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Blake Moynes speaks out after hospitalization

Blake Moynes went to Instagram to share an update on his health after being hospitalized in Africa. He started off by saying he has been without his phone for some time. His mom had mentioned cell service was sketchy when he was in remote locations. Blake went on to say it has been a “heck of a month in South Africa.”

He continued saying he has made new friends, had new experiences and faced new challenges. Of course, the biggest challenge was the injury that forced him to end his African adventure a bit earlier than expected.

Blake explained he was taking part in a 4 to 5-week wildlife ranger training course. The course is intended to demonstrate exactly what it takes to be on the front line protecting wildlife. He continued, “Along the way I somehow got an infection in my foot that got bad quickly and sidelined me.”

Blake and Emily Moynes via Insta

Blake also shared that he will continue to take part in non-physical training until he is able to fly back home to Canada. He is hoping that will happen within a week.

He expressed his frustration that he will not be able to complete the other South African projects he had planned due to this unfortunate turn of events. Blake and his mom have both thanked fans for their prayers and support.

Blake’s mom is waiting anxiously for her son to come home

Emily Moynes has been keeping fans updated on Blake’s condition. When she first shared the news she said the infection had quickly turned bad and he had to be taken into surgery. He was recovering well after the procedure and continues to do so.

She discussed how much she was ready for him to come home. In her latest post, she thanked everyone for the prayers and said she is hoping he will make the trip back home to her soon.

So far the exact infection or what caused it has not been shared with fans.

Continue to send positive vibes to Blake and his family as he continues to heal.

Stay tuned for more updates.





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