Blake Moynes Takes Bachelor Buddies On Conservation Trip

Blake Moynes, Instagram

Blake Moynes loves wildlife and he is big on saving animals, it’s one of the many things fans love about him. Blake won Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, but distance made it difficult for their relationship to thrive. The wildlife manager made some amazing romances during his time with the franchise. Tayshia’s men and Katie’s men all bonded and continued to hang out after their time was over.

Chasen Nick asked Blake on one of his Instagram pictures, “who’s the lucky lady who wrangled you?” Blake said the picture is just because he paid someone to follow him around and take pictures. Blake captioned the photo, “my mom hates these jeans.” he’s wearing a pair of tight jeans with the knees cut out and no shirt. Emily Moynes told him they were, “more of a Noah Erb vibe.”

Instagram, Blake Moynes
Instagram, Blake Moynes

Blake Moynes Took Two Pals With Him This Time

Blake Moynes took two Bachelor nation men with him on his trip this time. Zac Clark who won Tayshia Adam’s season and Noah Erb who fell in love with Abigail Heringer on Bachelor in Paradise. Noah and Abigail are still going strong while Zac and Tayshia have gone their separate ways.

The three men sporting beards and big smiles are on a trip with an organization called Saving the Blue. The group helps species of marine life that are in danger. This time they’re in the Bahamas according to Bachelor Nation looking for endangered sawfish habitats. Zac Clark posted on Instagram. He praised Blake saying, “his passion to better the world is contagious. Going to be a great week.”


Blake Moynes mom shared some pictures of the trip on her Instagram as well. Most of them are of her freaking out about sharks. She posted a picture of Blake swimming with them and pointed out how close, “her child,” is to the shark. She hyped them up by saying, “I love what you guys are doing and I can’t wait to see all the footage of this trip.” Some more of the guys from Bachelor Nation supported their efforts as well. Brendan Morais said, “great group of guys right there.” Bennett Jordan said, “love you fellas.”

He Saves Animals Whenever He Can

Blake has a bleeding heart when it comes to animals. He found a seagull that had been injured and took the time to help him. He walked his fans through what to do if they find an injured animal. Blake said he could have left the bird, but it would have bothered him all day. He said to remember all animals are important.


What do you think about the boys’ trip and Blake’s mission? Comment with your thought down below. As always come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelor Nation and Blake Moynes.

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