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Blake Moynes Confirms Dirty Painting Content, Talks ‘BIP’

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Blake Moynes became one of the only men to try and woo three Bachelorettes, but he almost had a different journey on Bachelor in Paradise. He went onto She’s All Bach to talk about why he didn’t go to BIP, how he got onto Katie’s season, and the truth about that X-rated painting he created.

Blake and Katie Thurston got engaged at the end of her season. He started on Clare Crawley’s season and did well with the lead until she left with Dale Moss. Then when Tayshia Adams picked up where Clare left off he did well with her too, but ultimately they weren’t meant to be. Katie and Blake tried to make it work, but distance ended up being what ended their relationship.

Why Didn’t Blake Moynes Go To Bachelor In Paradise?

Blake Moynes said when he came off of Tayshia’s season, he planned to go to Bachelor on Paradise. The paperwork was done and then he found out Katie was going to be the lead on The Bachelorette. He called them because he wanted to pursue Katie. The producers didn’t really want to let him come on and he had to convince them. They didn’t want him to be a fame-chaser, looking out for Katie’s best interest.

Blake Moynes, YouTube
Blake Moynes, YouTube

The hosts of She’s All Bach asked why he came mid-season. He was there from the beginning, but he had to quarantine for a bit. Blake thought she was going to go to Paradise because she hadn’t been announced yet. He talked to Katie first to see if she would be there or not and she never gave him a clear answer. As soon as he heard she would be the lead, he made the call.

Blake was asked to go to Paradise this time around, but he turned it down. “It’s not as fun as you think.” What he’s figured out is that people go on with high hopes and then that’s not the case for a lot of people.

What Was The X-Rated Painting On The Group Date

There was a lot of speculation about a painting Blake created on a group date during Katie’s season. The reactions of people in the room and the large black box they put over it added to the mystery surrounding it. Before joining in the discussion for this podcast, Blake hadn’t actually said what he created.

Blake Moynes, YouTube
Blake Moynes, YouTube

When Blake created the phallic statue on Tayshia Adam’s season she didn’t really care for it. He knew Katie would think a dirty painting would be hilarious. They wanted him to confirm what the X-rated painting he created on the group date was and agreed it was, “semen splatter.”

They asked Blake if having his ex, Tayshia, help him pick out rings for Katie was awkward at all. There was a lot cut out throughout the season where they had conversations about his journey.

What do you think would have been different if Blake  Moynes had gone on Bachelor in Paradise instead? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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