Amber Portwood Leaving ‘Teen Mom,’ Statement Coming Soon

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Amber Portwood is officially leaving Teen Mom. There has been much speculation as to whether or not the OG would be returning or exiting the franchise. However, now it seems that her mind is made up and she is done for good. Read on for more details.

Amber Portwood Leaving Teen Mom, Statement Coming Soon

Last month, a source revealed that Amber would be leaving Teen Mom after fourteen years. Her life has been very transparent since she joined 16 & Pregnant with her then-boyfriend, Gary Shirley. They were expecting their first child, a little girl named Leah. The two got engaged and tried to plan a life together but that became very combative and unhealthy. Finally, they called it quits and both found other mates. Gary ended up marrying his love, Kristina, and gave Leah a stable family.

Amber Portwood/YouTube

As for Amber, she was dating all the wrong men, got involved in bad situations, and eventually ended up in prison for seventeen months. She also dealt with mental health issues, all documented in the series. Finally, she thought she met her dream man, Andrew Glennon and the two had a son. Sadly she recently lost custody of him and he now lives in California with Andrew. Now, according to The Sun, Amber Portwood has officially decided to exit the popular MTV reality series. Furthermore, she will release a statement regarding this in the near future.

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“Amber is officially leaving Teen Mom. This was her own decision. She was not fired,” per an insider. Again, a statement about her exit will be coming very soon. However, it is unclear if she will do it through MTV or social media. Yet, it seems that Amber has already let MTV know of her decision so it is not as if she just left them high and dry. Her next focus is supposedly going to be on real estate and flipping homes.

Can She Ever Break Free?

MTV viewers have watched Amber Portwood since she was a teenager trying to navigate life, romance, and pregnancy. She had a lot to overcome and battles to try to win. Many times, she looked like she did not care about her daughter or what happened to herself in general. However, she has been a staple of the Teen Mom franchise so can she ever truly break free of the series? Will people take her seriously outside of the show? It will be a tough transition but, as long as she separates on her own without being fired, hopefully, she will land on her feet just fine.

Will you be sad to see Amber Portwood leave the show after all of these years? Do you hope she will still appear here and there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. She is an abusive monster that should have been fired the FIRST TIME she assaulted someone. Cancel the rest of the show. They aren’t Teen Moms anymore and they never actually portrayed the reality of being a teen mom off camera. Mcmansions, podcasts, clothing lines…real teen moms don’t get those revenue streams. Mine had to work three jobs and go to night school to get ahead. And then to have the stars whine, “I work hard for my money.” Sweetie, no you don’t. You just think you do because you’ve never had a job outside of MTV filming and exploiting your children. An insult to real, struggling teen moms.

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