‘Teen Mom’ Sources Say Amber Portwood Officially Quit Show?

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood may be officially done with the series. After starting out on 16 & Pregnant, the mother of two might have hung up her hat. A source is speaking out as to what is going on with Portwood after nearly a decade and a half with the show and multiple spinoffs. Is she gone for good? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Sources Say Amber Portwood Officially Quit Show?

Amber Portwood has been an integral part of the Teen Mom franchise. She was a teenager who got pregnant by her boyfriend, Gary Shirley. More so, they got engaged and had their daughter, Leah. However, the relationship was extremely combative and ultimately, they both moved on. Gary married a woman named Kristina and they went on to have a child together. Amber had two very public television romances, one with Andrew Glennon that resulted in a son named James.

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Sadly, Amber lost custody of James to Andrew and the two proceeded to move to California. This was a major blow to Amber Portwood who has struggled with addiction and mental illness throughout her life. Yet, she still remained on Teen Mom, even having her dirty laundry aired for the world to see. Now, it seems like she is done with the show, according to The Sun. A source had this to say: “Amber has told people she is absolutely out at the show, that she already quit and gave notice to MTV.”

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They went on to add that Amber is unsure what life holds next however she might be interested in real estate endeavors. Yet, another source chimed in to note that no official decision has been made on Amber’s behalf. Therefore, she could return and her fans should not worry right away. There was some evidence that Amber was over the show and she displayed it on her social media.

Clapping Back

Amber Portwood might not like the attention she is receiving when it comes to the rumors that she is leaving the show. Recently, she shared an Instagram post with a handful of travel cups. More so, one had a positive mantra that read: “Positive mind. Positive vibe. Positive life.” Similarly, next to this, Amber herself wrote: “Good morning!!! I love a good travel cup with positive affirmations and prints. Don’t forget your daily water intake! #Drinkyourwaterandmindyourbusiness.”

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Finally, it seems that she wants to make her own choices in her own time which is perfectly fine. Amber Portwood has never been one to color inside the lines. Obviously, she is sending a message with her cups and her hashtag but what that is, time will tell. Do you think Amber Portwood is ready to leave the Teen Mom franchise? More so, do you think she really wants to say goodbye to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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