Ysabel & Christine Brown Team Up To Pester Truely

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Ysabel and Christine Brown of Sister Wives have been enjoying their time together lately. In fact, they are having such a wonderful time now that Christine is back in Utah. Ysabel has gone through some tough times and really has begun to lean on her mother a lot. In fact, during the pandemic, Christine flew out to New York with her for back surgery. It was a very tough time for everyone.

However, Kody Brown didn’t seem to care that his daughter needed him to be with her too. He thought flying at the time was too dangerous and opted not to go. This crushed Ysabel, but Christine remained with her and showed full support. Now, it looks as if these two are playing jokes on Truely Brown.

The Antics With Christine Brown

In a recent post on Christine’s Instagram account, she is seen with Ysabel messing with Truely. The video showed Christine Brown and Ysabel dancing down the hall with blankets over themselves. Truely came out of her room and looked at them like they were crazy. Christine told her fans that moments like these have started to really fill her heart. Her fans were quick to share what they thought of the video too. Most of them thought it was hilarious!

One fan wrote, “This is great! These are those times that you truly always remember.”

An additional fan wrote, “Christine, you are so funny. I just love your relationship with your children. This is gold!”

Another fan wrote, “You inspire me every day to be a better, more patient, more loving, more fun, and more caring mother. Thank you for being public and real!”

It is clear that Christine has quite a following on social media and they really enjoy watching her with her children.

Ysabel’s Life After Kody

Ysabel was very supportive of Christine Brown when she announced her split from Kody. She has been attending college in North Carolina, but some fans think that she has moved back to Utah. Christine has been spending a lot of time with her in Utah, so they have started to ask questions.

According to her Instagram photos from a few weeks ago, she is still in Utah. She hasn’t made a statement about college, so fans have assumed that she is taking time away to help her mother.

Christine Brown- Instagram
Christine Brown- Instagram

As fans continue to wait and see where Ysabel does end up, they have noticed her Instagram photos. They have praised her for becoming such a beautiful woman. Many have also told her that she is a copy of her mother. She loves to share selfies while out and about. Her fans really do enjoy watching her blossom and grow.

What did you think of the prank Christine and Ysabel played on Truely? Let us know in the comments below. Stay with us here at TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.

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