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Does Ysabel Brown Still Live With Maddie In North Carolina?

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Does Ysabel Brown still live with Maddie Brush in North Carolina? The nineteen-year-old moved in with her big sister to attend college back in 2021. She was excited about this change of pace but did Ysabel ultimately end up staying in North Carolina? Maddie gave an update on the current living situation. Read on for more details.

Does Ysabel Brown Still Live With Maddie In North Carolina?

When Ysabel Brown graduated high school, there were a lot of life changes going on in her family. Her mother, Christine had left her marriage and was moving from Flagstaff to Utah. Additionally, Ysabel had decided to move to North Carolina to attend college. Luckily, her older sister and her father’s second wife, Janelle’s daughter, Maddie lived there. Along with her husband, Caleb, and their two children, they had a nice home that was ready for Ysabel’s arrival.

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It was very hard for Ysabel Brown initially and she told her mother, Christine, that she could not visit all that much. If she did, Ysabel felt that she would end up going back with her. So, what ended up happening? Tuesday night, Maddie took to her Instagram stories to answer questions from fans. One asked if Ysabel still lived with her. Sadly, her younger sister has flown the North Carolina coop. This was not totally unexpected for Maddie.

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She explained that when Ysabel went home for spring break, she was whistful for her family. With Christine now living in Utah, she is near her older daughters, Aspyn and Mykelti. Plus, the latter just welcomed twin boys, Ace and Archer. Therefore, it only made sense that Ysabel returned to Salt Lake. In the end, Maddie just wanted her sister to be happy and she seems to be thriving where she is now. However, it was clear that they enjoyed having her, especially Maddie’s daughter Evie.

It Was A Good Move

Ysabel Brown needed to move to North Carolina when she did. At the time, she was watching her family fall apart and it had been dysfunctional for a while. Janelle Brown was thrilled that Ysabel would get to see a functional marriage in Maddie and Caleb. She believed that this would help the teenager a lot in future relationships to see what a good one looked like. It looks like she got all she could from her time in NC and is now thriving back in Utah, Recently, Ysabel, her little sister, Truely, and Christine all went rock climbing. Time away helped but now she truly appreciates her time home.

Are you surprised that Ysabel Brown came back to be with her mother? Let us know in the comments below.

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