‘SW’: Ysabel Brown Shines Bright In Captivating Selfies

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Ysabel Brown is shining bright like the star that she is. The Sister Wives favorite and daughter of Kody and Christine Brown has consistently proven that she doesn’t let life get to her. Now she is continuing her journey with more fun selfies, proving she emits positivity and light wherever she goes. Read on for more details and to see the photos.

SW: Ysabel Brown Shines Bright In Captivating Selfies

Ysabel Brown has found a love for photography and capturing every moment since heading to college. The nineteen-year-old moved to North Carolina to go to university in 2021. There, she lived with her older sister, Maddie, and her family. Maddie is the eldest daughter Ysabel’s mother’s former sister wife, Janelle. Christine and Janelle happened to become really close toward the end of their time together. Fortunately, their children were raised as one big family.

Ysabel Brown/YouTube

This helped when the time came for Ysabel to choose a college and needed housing. Plus, she was really excited to be around a functioning and happily married couple in Maddie and her husband, Caleb. Just a few months prior, Christine revealed that she was leaving Kody after a long time of a dysfunctional situation. Since being in North Carolina, Ysabel Brown has completely flourished, made friends, and had so many great experiences. Furthermore, she has become a stellar photographer.


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Recently, she posted a December wrap-up on her Instagram. It showed her posing in front of a mirror with a long braid followed by a sign that read: “Stronger Shines the Light Inside.” She also had a sweet but casual mirror selfie, a pretty fish, a close-up selfie, snow-covered trees, and it ended with just a smiling selfie. Ysabel Brown seems to have found her sweet spot in life and it’s amazing to see the evolution she has made in her life. More so, she is extremely deserving.

A Hard Road

Out of Kody’s eighteen kids, Ysabel Brown has had one of the toughest roads. When she was thirteen, she was diagnosed with scoliosis. Instead of getting surgery, she and her family opted to have her try at-home exercises. These were time-consuming and impacted her daily activities. Plus, she was in so much pain every time they would adjust her braces. Finally, when she moved to Flagstaff, the curve had become so bad, surgery was the only option. Sadly, her father was not around enough to know the pain she was in.

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Christine got the insurance approved and they scheduled the surgery for the fall of 2020. Due to Covid and having younger children, Kody first tried to get Ysabel to postpone the surgery and then asked her to go alone. He then stayed behind when she went with her mom and sisters. To add insult to injury, he went to officiate a friend’s wedding while the pandemic was still going on. He claimed he was worried about her becoming a bitter housewife but she has risen above it all to be a bright light.

What do you think of Ysabel Brown’s shining light in her photos? Are you proud of the woman she has become? Let us know and watch the finale of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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