‘Sister Wives’ Beg For Ysabel Brown To Confront Her Father

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Sister Wives fans are feeling Ysabel Brown’s pain. They have felt it since she went to get her scoliosis surgery and her dad did not come along. Kody claimed it was too long for him to be away from his family. This really meant his two youngest children with fourth wife, Robyn. Though Ysabel did her best to stay strong, he was who she asked for in recovery as it was a major surgery. He teased her and joked if his not coming would cause her to grow up to become a bitter housewife. Then, Kody went and did something unforgivable and fans are desperate for her to say her piece. Read on to see what viewers want of Ysabel.

Ysabel Brown Is Betrayed By Her Father Again

Kody has messed up many times with his children but it would seem he may have learned his lesson with Ysabel. After missing her scoliosis surgery, it would appear he might try harder or be more cognizant of his choices. He is not. First off, he has no idea how old his daughter with his now ex-wife Christine is. At her graduation/18th birthday party, he commented on her turning seventeen. Awkwardly, Ysabel had to let him know that she was eighteen. Then, in the latest episode, she learned that he has gone to Oklahoma to officiate a friend’s wedding. This was a breaking point, Christine recalled in a TLC clip.


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The fact that he could travel for a friend but not for her surgery was just too much. After seeing the clip and the episode, fans are ready for Ysabel to stand up to her father. “The daughter needs to confront her dad about that situation and put him in his place,” one follower stated. Another added: “Get him girl so sick of him.” Yet some followers believe that no matter what Ysabel says to Kody, he simply won’t listen. Furthermore, they shamed him for going to the wedding but not caring about his daughter’s needs.

In The End…

Fortunately, Ysabel Brown appears to be thriving in her new life. She now lives with Janelle’s daughter, Maddie, and her family in North Carolina while she attends college. Additionally, she has made a lot of friends and is constantly taking photos with them while going to games and even getting a tattoo. Plus, she got her nose pierced so it is clear she is not thinking about what her father would say.

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Ysabel, Aspyn, Christine, Truely, Gwen

Most recently, she celebrated her older brother, Logan’s wedding with her siblings from all sides. She glowed and her mother boasted about her beautiful girls. Things are still moving forward and it is yet to be seen if Ysabel will finally tell Kody her truth or if she will see it is just not worth it.

Do you think Ysabel Brown needs to confront her father? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Why confront him? Egotist, narcissist people have no empathy for others. He won’t see past his nose of any wrong doings or hurt he has caused others. Go and live your life and let him have what he’s always wanted, Robyn. He will not waste a minute on any of you as he thinks he’s always in the right and he’ll be the victim!!’

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