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‘Sister Wives’ Ysabel Brown Shows Off New Ink, What Is It?

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Sister Wives star Ysabel Brown has truly been thriving since moving to North Carolina for college. It was revealed in Season 17 that post-high school, she was ready for a change. This decision coincided with her mother, Christine making a big announcement. She was finally ready to part ways with the plural family she had been a part of for over twenty-five years. Not only that but she also was leaving Flagstaff where her sister wives and husband, Kody resided.

Christine had chosen to move back to Utah and was taking her minor daughter, Truely with her. For the family, this was a huge blow as they were now losing Christine, Truely, and Ysabel. While Christine is living her best life, the same can be said for Ysabel. She just took to social media to show off a new addition to her body. What did she get? Read on for more details.

Ysabel Brown Leaves A Mark On Her Skin

Since heading to North Carolina in 2021 for college, a whole new world has opened up for Ysabel. She has flaunted her body in short dresses and skirts. Furthermore, she found a passion for photography which she expresses with family and friends. Earlier today, she showed off what she and a friend had been up to as they headed to a game. On her Instagram, the two ladies posed together for the first two photos. Then, in the last, they showed off their upper arms which had two tiny butterfly tattoos.

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This past July, Ysabel appeared to get her nostril pierced and has an array of ear piercings. When she was prepping to get her scoliosis surgery, she learned she would have a fairly long scar. So, Ysabel, now nineteen, asked her mother, Christine, if she could get a tattoo to cover it. Christine was all for it but noted that her father may not approve. At that point, they did not care. Ysabel’s siblings have their fair share of ink including Leon and Maddie.

Rebelling Against Kody?

In the last two episodes of Sister Wives, it has been addressed that schools were opening back up. Ysabel Brown was finishing up her senior year in high school at the time. Because of this, she had chosen to go back in person. Kody was not a fan of this and pointed out how he asked Robyn’s daughter, Breanna to stay home. She agreed even though she did want to be in a classroom with her friends again. Christine revealed that Ysabel would have loved a call from her father asking her to stay home so that they could see each other more.

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He even fussed when figuring out how he would spend time outside with his kids. Kody deemed it not warm enough to socially distance from them. It appears that Ysabel is just living her life on her terms while remaining close to her mother. She currently lives with Kody’s second wife, Janelle’s daughter, Maddie, her husband, Caleb, and their two children. Fortunately, Janelle and Christine have stayed very close despite the split and the two ladies continue to travel together along with their families.

What do you think of Ysabel Brown’s newest addition? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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