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Kody Brown Spits In Ysabel’s Face & Disregards Her Feelings

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During tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown spits in the face of his daughter Ysabel and disregards all of her feelings. How did the TLC star do this to his daughter exactly? Keep reading for Sister Wives spoilers.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of Sister Wives. 

Kody Brown spits in Ysabel’s face, disregards her feelings

During tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown heads out to officiate his good friend’s wedding. During the entire journey, both Kody and his wives (who didn’t go with him) appreciate and discuss the irony of him performing a wedding while his own relationships are falling apart. Christine Brown even tosses a bit of shade at Kody as she thinks about how ridiculous the idea of Kody giving marriage advice is.

It wasn’t until Ysabel and Gwendlyn brought something to Christine’s attention that she got angry about the situation. How was Kody able to travel and perform a wedding while adhering to his strict COVID rules? Moreover, WHY was he able to travel to this wedding when he wasn’t able to go with Ysabel to support her during her surgery? Christine reveals that Ysabel is heartbroken, Gwendlyn is mad, and Christine has also reached the point of being angry.


He explains why his actions were justified

Kody Brown tells the cameras he doesn’t understand why everyone is so upset with him. He explains that Ysabel’s surgery required him to be away from his family for six to eight weeks. Kody questioned what man can afford to be away from both his family and his work for that period of time. Then, he proceeds to explain that the wedding only pulled him away for four days. Four days was a much more reasonable amount of time to be away from his family and his job.

Frustrated, Christine Brown refuses to understand his logic noting that Ysabel needed her father and she needed her husband.

Ysabel Brown from TLC
Ysabel Brown – TLC

Tune in to Sister Wives tonight on TLC to watch what happens that feels like Kody is spitting in his daughter Ysabel’s face. Or, head over to Discovery+ to stream the new episode now.

Let us know what you think of Kody’s decision to travel after refusing to go to her surgery in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for all of your Sister Wives news.

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  1. He is beyond help and doesn’t deserve any of his wives or children. His way into the holy kingdom flew out the window a long time ago. Hell has no furry like a woman’s scorn. And when he gets finished turning one all the kids, watch out dumb nuts

  2. I think he’s so hypocritical POS! There’s no reason he couldn’t have been with his daughter for her surgery and just stayed for a few days he didn’t have to stay the whole time his priority is Robyn and her family plain and simple! He makes me sick and I’m so happy that Christine left him I wish the rest of the women would leave him

  3. he didnthave to stay 6/8 weeks when she had surgery….just until her surgery was over ànd he saw she was ok… a few days,.. his justifying excuse is unjustifiable

  4. according to Kody nothing is his fault ever. wife’s, kids anyone who does not agree with him is wrong. father are great when kids are young and they think you are wonderful but when you get old enough to have an opinion and verbal it is when Dad get stupid. they want to be king. leader loved with no expecting EVER.

  5. kody isnt much of a man as far as im concered. There was no reason for him not to be their for their daughter àt the time of surgery at least to make sure she was ok.OK.. he tries to blame all the women. UT WI not take any responsibility himself

  6. He reminds me of my abuser. I think that is why I hate him so much. My abuser lavished attention on me when I was little (Kody loves the young children) then once I started questioning things around age 12 he practically disappeared. Kody does a similar thing with the teens as they start questioning his behavior and why he isn’t around which is very noticeable since they don’t live in the same street anymore. He abandons them. There wasn’t a reason that he couldn’t go out for the surgery day and a day or two of the recovery. The thing was he was punishing Christine for traveling (he referred to it as a vacation multiple times). Ysabell was collateral damage which doesn’t matter to him because she isn’t in that prime age on baby to pre-teen or the love of his life’s child.
    He needs to be honest with himself and that would be helpful to those kids. He is hurting them and for that I blame the mothers because they keep exposing them to it. You have Meri’s daughter that is transitioning to a man. I don’t think they have even mentioned that on the show. You have his oldest boys that have no contact with him now. Janelle tries to stand up for them but by staying with Kody she is in essence saying that Kody is more important than her children. No man ever comes before my children. He is neglectful and has been for years and she allowed it.

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