Kody Brown Rages & Snaps At Christine, Leaves Her In Tears

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In an explosive midseason trailer for Sister Wives, Kody Brown comes unhinged as he explodes raging and snapping at Christine. After walking away, Christine breaks down in tears. What was said during this heated moment that left Christine in tears?

Kody Brown rages and snaps at Christine

As the family comes together for one of their last family members, Kody Brown comes completely unhinged. Kody Brown raged and snapped his fingers while shouting at Christine for her decisions. He shouted that she made the decision to give up on their relationship, and their family, and leave. Kody shouted that she was running away. Still fuming, Kody Brown left their group circle and a different scene showed him angrily rushing away in his truck.

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Cutting back to the same family circle, Christine broke down in tears. Janelle Brown jumped up and ran to pull Christine into an embrace. Even though she wasn’t happy about Christine leaving the family, she knew Christine was doing what was best for her. Moreover, she never wanted to see her friend so heartbroken. So, Janelle pulled her into an embrace to make her feel better. The scene did not reveal whether Meri or Robyn joined in comforting Christine.

Sister Wives fans can only assume Meri likely wouldn’t have joined in because she isn’t happy with Christine. Meri Brown noted in a confessional she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to react to this moment in their family. Was she supposed to congratulate Christine on breaking up with the entire family?

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The family has a divided goodbye

The midseason trailer reveals the family does get together one last time to say goodbye to Christine before she leaves. The weather isn’t ideal and Kody announces he’s staying for five minutes and then he’s leaving. In a confessional, Christine points out the clear divide as Robyn stands on one side with her children and Janelle on a different side with her children.

Becoming a bit emotional, Christine admits she hopes her family won’t hate her for the decision she is making. She, however, has decided to start living for herself and her own happiness.

Head over to People Magazine to check out this explosive trailer. 

Were you surprised to see Kody Brown rage at Christine and snap at her while speaking to her? Did it break your heart to see Christine get so emotional? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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