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Rachel Recchia Spills The Tea On Clayton Echard Reunion

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Rachel Recchia is addressing all the hype surrounding herself and her ex from The Bachelor, Clayton Echard. She was seen in a TikTok video with him and at an iHeart event. They were getting along and agreed to post each other on their social media. Fans immediately thought something was happening between them.

Rachel and Clayton had an emotional last episode together. Despite him telling her he was in love with her along with both Susie Evans and Gabby Windey she stuck around. In the end, he was too hung up on Susie Evans to let her go. After the show, Clayton and Susie had a relationship for a while, but the demons from his experience snuck up and came between them. Now Clayton is healing and after another failed relationship from her time on The Bachelorette, Rachel is thriving. The question everyone had was is this for laughs, or are they trying again? Read on to see what Rachel had to say.

Are Rachel Recchia And Clayton A Thing?

Rachel has had her fun, but now she’s saying, it’s not what everyone is thinking. They aren’t back together nor will they. She posted on her Instagram story about forgiveness and said she’s not leaving this era yet. According to US Weekly she said, “healing and forgiveness is a lesson I had trouble learning for a long time.”

In the selfie that accompanied her post about the hype, she looks carefree. She’s sitting in a car throwing up a peace sign and headphones. If drawing attention to themselves is what they were going for, the accomplished it. The TikTok of Rachel’s account has almost ninety-five thousand views. When one person commented, “Gabby would never,” Rachel responded. She said, “she also loves to have a little fun I promise.” Another fan said they were more into the tea in the post than the current season of The Bachelor. 

Could There Ever Be A Chance?

You should never say never in Bachelor nation. It seems the time has passed for Clayton and Rachel Recchia to rekindle what they had. Hopefully, they have moved past the traumatic events that the nation saw and can heal and be happy. Fans were also curious what Clayton’s ex Susie thought about the reunion.

Clayton Echard and final three via Instagram
Clayton Echard and final three via Instagram

Susie Evans and Clayton have had a bit of back and forth in the media about how their breakup happened. Fans thought Susie was sending a message after the video was posted on social media. Giannini Gibelli also posted a picture with Clayton and Rachel saying, “when you get over your reality TV trauma.” She then posted the caption, “but did we?”  Susie seemingly responded to the posts and videos with a post on her Instagram. She said, “walking on the side of the street with sun not shade.”

What do you think about Clayton and Susie reuniting?

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