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Susie Evans Talks Dating, Possible Bachelor Nation Roommates

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Bachelor alum Susie Evans recently appeared on Click Bait podcast to talk about dating after her split from Clayton Echard. She’s taking things slowly post breakup. Initially, fans didn’t expect Susie and Clayton to split so soon especially since they were already living together in Virginia. However, when the two announced they were moving to different cities fans started to suspect there may be trouble in paradise. They denied any trouble at first. However, not long after that, they jointly announced their split. So far neither of them have been in other relationships post breakup. What does Susie have to say about dating? Keep reading to find out more.

Susie Evans talks dating after Clayton Echard

Bachelor Nation shared what Susie Evans had to say about dating on recent podcast with Joe Amabile. Susie admitted she’s taking things slow after her split from Clayton. She said, “I haven’t been out on any dates yet. I have spent some intentional time with people, but I’ve been really cautious about where I’m spending my energy and my time. I’ve definitely hung out with people and thought there could be potential, but I have been so busy. I’ve also been traveling so much.”

Plus, Susie also said she doesn’t want to meet anybody in Virginia. Why? She said, “I haven’t met anybody in Virginia, and I don’t want to meet anyone in Virginia because I’m moving to the West Coast and don’t want to try to be convinced otherwise. I’m just hanging out and hoping that when the timing is right or when I meet the right person, that it will naturally mesh into my life and won’t feel like too much effort or work. I am cruising right now hoping that the right person will pop up and appear into my life.”

Joe commented how he loves how Susie has set goals for herself. She’s chasing her dreams and Joe said he knows she will find her person soon. He even joked that he sees her getting  married next New Year’s Eve.

Other plans in the making

In other interesting news, Joe pointed out that he had been with Justin Glaze recently and it was mentioned that he and Susie might be roommates. Susie went on to say that yes she, Justin and Andrew Spencer are all going to be in Los Angeles for a month or two and talked about being roommates. However, she pointed out that even though it is all supposed to go down in less than 30 days, there is nothing signed, no leases, no nothing. So, it sounds like they are all going with the flow.

As for Susie’s plans, she is relocating and hopes to break into the Palm Springs wedding scene. She wants to build her wedding videography business on the west coast.

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What do you think about Susie and her goals?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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