More Proof Josiah & Lauren Duggar’s Family Has Secretly Grown?

Josiah and Lauren Duggar - YouTube

Fans think they have discovered even more proof that Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s family has grown. The couple is rumored to have welcomed another baby to their family. But amid their disappearance from social media, there hasn’t been any confirmation. So, what has come up now that has fans thinking there’s a new addition to their crew? Keep reading for all of the details.

As far as fans know, Josiah and Lauren currently have a three-year-old daughter, Bella. Prior to having Bella, the couple suffered a miscarriage and named the baby Asa. While the couple shared about Asa and Bella on Counting On and on social media, they haven’t publicly said anything about another little one.

Rumors swirl about Josiah & Lauren Duggar’s ‘secret’ baby.

Recently, fans have been speculating that Josiah and Lauren have welcomed another baby to their family. For several months now, various hints have surfaced online. One source claimed they saw the couple with an infant car seat, for example. They were spotted with a baby at a recent family gathering too.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar - youTube
Josiah and Lauren Duggar – YouTube

In a Duggar family Christmas video, which was posted on YouTube, there were labels attached to a bench, indicating where each family’s presents were. Interestingly, Josiah, Lauren, and Bella’s tag also appeared to include Daisy. Fans now think the couple might have had another daughter and named her Daisy. Some wonder if they had another loss because they previously said they’d name their kids in alphabetical order. If they are sticking with this plan, they may have used a “C” name for a possible miscarriage. Note that there’s no proof of this loss and it’s all speculation.

Is this more proof there’s a new addition?

On Reddita Duggar Snarker shared a recent photo of Lauren Duggar with a friend. The snap was originally posted on social media in November 2022, however, it only recently appeared on Reddit.

Below, you can see the latest photo of Lauren and her friend.

Lauren Duggar - Reddit
Lauren Duggar – Reddit

Some Reddit users discovered that Lauren was technically wearing a maternity dress. Somehow, one snarker even dug up the link where it’s for sale. It is clearly listed as a maternity dress. One fan noted, “Wonder if she was pregnant here.”

However, another snarker argued that this isn’t proof that Lauren Duggar is currently pregnant or nursing. She might be wearing the top for another reason. They explained, “Sure but I for one kept a few pieces after I wasn’t preggers anymore. Some for comfort but others because they were cute.”

Unfortunately, until the Duggar family makes an official announcement, fans still don’t know for sure whether Josiah and Lauren’s family has grown.

So, do you think this is enough proof to say that Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s family has grown? Or do you think there is another possible explanation? Do you think they’ll ever share an official announcement confirming that they’ve more kids? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggars.

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