Josiah & Lauren Duggar’s Secret Baby’s Name Discovered?

Josiah and Lauren Duggar - YouTube

Has Josiah and Lauren Duggar’s secret second baby’s name finally been discovered? The couple is rumored to have welcomed a second child to the world, though there has been no confirmation from the family members themselves. Keep reading to see the latest clue about Josiah and Lauren’s “secret baby,” and see what fans are saying.

Amid Josh Duggar’s child pornography arrest and conviction, many members of the family went silent on social media. Even before this, Josiah and Lauren had been missing from Instagram for months. Now, they have deleted many of their posts as well. Because of this, fans don’t know much about them and their three-year-old daughter Bella.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar - YouTube

However, recently, fans have begun to speculate that Josiah and Lauren Duggar have had a “secret baby.” They thought they spotted Lauren with a baby bump last year, and this fall, the couple was seen with a baby at a family gathering.

But until now, no details about the rumored secret baby’s name or gender have come out.

Josiah & Lauren Duggar’s Secret Baby’s Name Discovered?

For months, fans have been on the lookout for information about Josiah and Lauren’s rumored second baby. Now, the family’s followers think they might have found the little one’s gender and name. Recently, the Duggars gave fans a peek into their Christmas festivities. In a YouTube video, they shared some of the highlights from the gathering. On a bench at the Duggar family’s home, piles of gifts were sorted by family. There’s a label that reads, “Josiah, Lauren, Bella, and Daisy.”

So, this seems to suggest that the couple has a second daughter named Daisy. You can see the photo below.

Duggars Gone Wild YouTube - Josiah and Lauren Duggar's baby name

This is the most information fans have gotten about Josiah and Lauren’s rumored second child. As of now, the Duggar family has not confirmed whether Josiah and Lauren have had another baby. There are no official details about the name and gender. It’s unclear if the family will ever share these details publicly or if Josiah and Lauren will continue laying low.

So, do you think that Josiah and Lauren Duggar had a second baby? Do you agree that the baby is likely a girl and is named Daisy? Or do you have another theory about this label? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news. You can watch the Christmas video below.

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