Does Jana Live In Tiny House On Jim Bob Duggar’s Property?

Jana Duggar - YouTube - Jim Bob Duggar

Does Jana live in a tiny house on her father Jim Bob Duggar’s property? Jim Bob and Michelle own a large piece of land in Arkansas. This is where their well-known big house is located. But now, it looks like some of their 19 kids have decided to stay close by. New details about Jana’s living situation are now public. So, keep reading for all of the details.

What’s the latest on Jana Duggar?

Last month, Jana celebrated her 33rd birthday. Fans are often puzzled by her lifestyle and the decisions she’s made. She’s the oldest daughter of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, but many of her younger siblings have gotten married before her. In the Duggar family, it’s not uncommon for the kids to tie the knot in their early twenties.

Over the years, courtship rumors have swirled, but nothing has come of them yet. As far as the public knows, she’s still unmarried and childless, which is unheard of in the Duggars’ community.

Jana Duggar Instagram - Jim Bob Duggar
Jana Duggar Instagram – Jim Bob Duggar

There have been many questions about Jana’s whereabouts. Jim Bob Duggar’s eldest daughter was last known to be living in the big house. However. a Duggar son told YouTuber Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball that Jana had moved out one or two years ago. Naturally, Katie Joy decided to do some digging.

Does Jana live on Jim Bob Duggar’s property?

On Instagram this week, YouTuber Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shared a post about the Duggar family’s property and all of the buildings out there. In addition to the main big house, there is another house, a tiny home, a treehouse, a warehouse, and more. And several of the adult Duggar kids live on the property.

Based on the information Katie Joy discovered from property records and the family’s videos, it looks like Jana lives in a tiny home on Jim Bob Duggar’s compound. Katie Joy believes Jana was forced out of the big house so Anna Duggar and her seven children could move in and live there while Josh is behind bars on child pornography charges.

Katie Joy reported, “According to aerial drone footage and footage from James Duggar’s YouTube channel, a mobile home and a small tiny home are behind the Duggar house. The mobile home is right off the concrete of their basketball/volleyball/tennis court. There is a wreath on the door and an awning over the door decorated with lights.”

Katie Joy added, “Jana’s role in the family remains the same. She is to help the needs of the family and serve her father.” She said that Jim Bob Duggar has failed to give his kids the freedom and independence they deserve in their twenties and thirties.

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It’s unclear what the future holds for Jana. As fans wait to see what unfolds, more details may surface.

So, does it shock you that Jana appears to be living on Jim Bob Duggar’s property at 33? Do you think marriage is in her future, or do you think she may stay single and live near her parents forever? Share your predictions in the comments section, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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