Duggar Family Shovels Lies: Where Is Jana?

Jana Duggar - YouTube - Duggar family

The Duggar family is continuing to shovel lies about what’s going on behind closed doors, especially when it comes to Jana. Fans naturally have many questions about the family’s life these days. But Jana has kept very quiet and there are many concerns about how she’s doing and where she might be. Keep reading for all of the details.

Fans have always been curious about Jana. After all, most of her sisters have gotten married in their early twenties, moved out, and started having kids. But as far as the public knows, at 33, she’s still not in a serious relationship. Fans also believe she still lives with her parents. Of course, there are many questions about the Duggar daughter.

Jana Duggar - YouTube - Duggar family
Jana Duggar – YouTube – Duggar family

Jana has been pretty quiet on social media lately. The 33-year-old used to share random updates about her life, family, and more. Her last post was shared on March 9, 2022, and since then, she has only appeared in her siblings’ posts and YouTube videos. Rumors have been swirling about her possibly moving out of her parents’ home despite being unmarried. However, this was never confirmed by the Duggar family.

Now, there is some confusion about Jana’s whereabouts amid her social media silence.

A Duggar son speaks out.

As TV Shows Ace reported, this week, one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s sons reached out to Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball. According to Katie Joy, the Duggar family member expressed his support for Jinger Vuolo’s new book about her journey away from the IBLP (Institute of Basic Life Principles). The YouTuber also claimed that the Duggar son said he’s in the process of leaving the IBLP too.

Over the past few days, Katie Joy has been chatting with him and getting more details about what’s happening behind closed doors.

Was a Duggar family member caught in a lie about Jana’s whereabouts?

On InstagramKatie Joy shared yet another post about her conversation with a Duggar son. It sounds like he can’t get his story straight though. She pointed out that Jinger has stated that Jim Bob and Michelle’s unmarried kids must live at home. However, in response, the Duggar family member said, “That’s funny. Jana moved out two years ago.”

Katie Joy mentioned that the legal records have Jana’s address listed as her parents’ address, which threw the Duggar son off. He then said she might have moved out a year ago instead.

Hoping to get more information, Katie Joy asked him whether Jana lives on her parents’ property in one of their other buildings. Unfortunately, there was no response. You can check out the full post below.


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The Duggar family’s current situation is still pretty confusing, especially because they’re staying so quiet these days.

So, what do you think might be going on with the Duggar family and all of these things they’re saying to Katie Joy? Do you think Jana Duggar moved out or not? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the former TLC stars.

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  1. Jana needs her own life not Josh’s spawn to help raise. I feel for the kids of Anna and Josh. Both in denial. Faith does not solve Pedophilia or living with a person mired into it.

  2. Typical Katie Joy. “I have a big scoop and I’m talking to a Duggar son who is leaving the religion.” A few days later “he’s lying and backtracking now.” Translation: I knew I had to change the story because the “facts” were never going to line up. That Duggar snark board you get a lot of your quotes from has boatloads of proof (with receipts) of how horrible that woman is. She’s Duggar level crazy just in the opposite direction. Funny how you never mention those posts when borrowing quotes. This woman has been sued and investigated for doxxing. She is a stalker with a following and incredibly problematic all on her own. Irresponsible of your site to be giving her any legitimacy by posting about her. She is not a true blogger or journalist. She has rarely if ever provided any supporting evidence for anything she says. When she does get a scoop like the photos of Anna at the prison it’s only because a gullible follower of hers hands her the photos and scoop on a silver platter to gain favor with her. She’s a pathetic middle aged mean girl that never left high school. Do better tvshowace.

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