Wait, Did Jana Duggar Move Out Or Not? More Sources Weigh In

Jana Duggar, YouTube

Rumors are swirling and sources are weighing in about Jana Duggar allegedly moving out of her parents’ home. Now, it sounds like not all of the sources are on the same page. So, did she move out of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s house? Keep reading to get all of the known details.

Jana Duggar allegedly moves out of her parents’ home.

On Wednesday, a YouTuber named Tuff Topic shared a new video and said that Jana has allegedly moved out of her parents’ home. The 32-year-old remains unmarried and has lived with her parents for her entire life. In the Duggar family, the adult children don’t typically move out until they get married.

The YouTuber claimed that her source in Arkansas said that Jana Duggar has allegedly moved to a home about 30 minutes away from her parents. The source also alleged that Jana has a roommate.

Jana Duggar, YouTube

Other sources claim this isn’t true.

In a new Instagram post, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shared what her sources said about Jana Duggarpossibly moving out. Katie’s entire post denied all of the claims that Tuff Topic made in her video.

Katie wrote, “I reached out to multiple sources with direct connections to the Duggars who said they have heard nothing of the sort. If Jana moved out, everyone in their circles would know & nothing has been said.”

In her post, Katie Joy claimed, “Jana would only move out if she left the IBLP otherwise jim Bob will never allow it. She is still in the iblp.”

Jana Duggar Instagram
Jana Duggar Instagram

Katie also said that two of her sources claim this seems “highly unlikely.”

You can see Katie’s full post and breakdown here.

Did Jana Duggar move out or not?

At this point, it’s unclear what the truth is. It looks like Tuff Topic‘s source disagrees with Without a Crystal Ball‘s sources. So, it’s unknown whether Jana Duggar has moved.

Hopefully, the Duggar daughter will eventually set the record straight either way. At this time, no members of the Duggar family have said anything or confirmed or denied the rumors.

So, do you think that Jana Duggar moved out of her parents’ home? Are you confused by all of the different sources saying different things? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news. Below, you can watch Tuff Topic’s video on the situation.


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