The Heartbreaking Reason Lauren & Josiah Duggar Went Private?

Lauren & Josiah Duggar - YouTube

Have fans discovered the heartbreaking reason that Lauren and Josiah Duggar went private on social media? The couple stopped posting on their joint Instagram account a couple of years ago and have made many steps to stay out of the public eye. Fans never knew why they decided to leave Instagram, but now, theories are swirling once again after new information popped up over the holidays. Stick around to get the full update and see what fans are saying.

Lauren & Josiah Duggar go private on social media.

If you keep up with the Duggars via Instagram, you may know that Lauren and Josiah have disappeared. The couple no longer posts photos of themselves or their daughter, Bella, who’s now three years old. They also went through their account and deleted every picture they have ever shared. They made their account private too, so people must request to follow them to see anything they post.

Lauren & Josiah Duggar - YouTube

Several of these changes were made amid Josh Duggar’s child pornography trial, so fans assumed they wanted more privacy due to the heavy criticism the whole family received during that time. Others thought Josh’s scandal was a wake-up call about privacy and protecting children.

Rumors fly about a ‘secret baby.’

In the past year or so, fans have picked up on several hints that Lauren and Josiah Duggar have had a second child. They were spotted with a baby car seat earlier this year. Then, at the family’s fall festival, they were seen with a baby. Of course, it could have been someone else’s baby. But this weekend, in a new Duggar family Christmas video on YouTube, viewers spotted labels for each family, showing where their gifts should be placed.

Interestingly, Lauren and Josiah Duggar’s tag appears to read, “Josiah, Lauren, Bella, and Daisy.”

Some fans took this as proof that the couple had a second child and that she’s a girl named Daisy. At this point, the family has not confirmed anything. Below, you can see the label that caught fans’ eyes.

Duggars Gone Wild YouTube - Josiah and Lauren Duggar's baby name

Fans think they know the heartbreaking reason Lauren & Josiah Duggar went private.

On Reddit, fans are discussing something else they noticed about the baby’s name. The couple previously said they were planning on naming their children in alphabetical order. They had a miscarriage and named the baby Asa. Then, they welcomed their daughter Bella into the world. Now, they might have a daughter named Daisy, but this would mean that they skipped the letter “C” or had a pregnancy loss and used a name beginning with the letter “C.”

One fan commented, “Honestly I think another loss is likely, given the name pattern and the relatively long gap between Bella and Daisy.”

After Lauren and Josiah Duggar lost Asa, they received heavy criticism online for how they grieved this loss. So, if they did experience another miscarriage, they may have wanted to grieve privately this time.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar, YouTube

One Reddit user speculated, “It would also further explain their complete removal of themselves from social media. After the cruelty about Asa, having another miscarriage would be plenty of reason to try and disappear.”

It’s also entirely possible that Lauren and Josiah Duggar have decided to abandon the alphabetical naming pattern. But some fans believe it’s likely they had a loss and used a “C” name. This could be the heartbreaking real reason they are no longer on social media. As of now, there is no confirmation of a second loss or another baby. It’s unclear whether the family will ever address this publicly.

So, do you think that fans’ theories about Lauren and Josiah Duggar’s social media silence could be correct? Or do you think there is another reason they seemingly skipped the letter “C?” Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggars.

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