How To Watch ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ Season 22

Randy Fenoli on 'Say Yes To The Dress' - YouTube, TLC

Say Yes To The Dress is making its way back to the small screen once again. Throughout the first 21 seasons of the show, viewers have seen every kind of wedding dress imaginable. Fans have learned about different wedding traditions and beliefs. Now, there is a whole new season of Say Yes To The Dress coming to a television near you.

So, how can you watch SYTTD and when does the first episode air? Here’s everything you need to know!

What Is Season 22 Of SYTTD About?

Those who have watched Say Yes To The Dress before know that the show doesn’t have any plot. However, every episode gives you a look at a bride on her journey to finding the perfect wedding dress.

Usually, you will get some background information about the bride, her family/friends that accompany her to the fitting, and possibly even snippets of drama. For instance, the first episode of Season 22 will focus on a bride named Victoria.

According to the synopsis for the episode, Victoria wants to find a dress that shows her back, butt, and biceps. Her family has a different idea of what the perfect dress will look like though. They are leaning towards dresses that are a bit more conservative.

Randy Fenoli on 'Say Yes To The Dress' - YouTube

That’s where fashion designer Randy Fenoli and his team come in. The crew is fairly used to dealing with neurotic brides and their unruly family members. Normally, they are able to find something that makes everyone happy.

The first episode will also see a client named Amanda’s story play out. She already bought a dress but, it turns out, her fiance doesn’t like it. So, she’s searching for the right dress and doesn’t want to settle for anything less than perfect. Thankfully, she has a great team on her side to help her find the right gown.

How To Watch Say Yes To The Dress 

The magic happens when Randy comes into the picture and starts searching through his inventory to find the right fit. Will he be able to find something that meets the wants and needs of the brides and their families? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Say Yes To The Dress will return to TLC on February 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. It will also be available to stream on Discovery+ with a premium subscription.


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    1. Thank you for saying this, I thought I read that the premiere was in fact 2/4/2023 but I can not find the episodes anywhere online.

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