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‘Say Yes To The Dress’: Did Randy Fenoli Fat Shame Daniela?!

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Say Yes to the Dress fans believe Randy Fenoli body-shamed Daniela. They thought her bridal looks were “amazing.” Daniela works as Randy’s production assistant. In the latest episode of the TLC show, she tried on a wedding dress.

Fans had nothing but kind words to say about Daniela’s look. However, Randy begged to differ. He didn’t look please with anything that she wore. This caused a little bit of controversy among the fans of the hit bridal show.

Randy Fenoli slams Daniela’s bridal looks

Brides should look beautiful on their special day. Say Yes to the Dress just returned for its 20th season and includes the original star Randy Fenoli. Fans accused him of body-shaming a bride-to-be on the season premiere. He didn’t just slam just any one of his customers. Randy was kind of harsh on his production assistant, Daniela.

It could be because the two already know each other. Since Daniela and Randy are friends, they can be brutally honest with each other. Or, it could be the virtual consultation that had Randy feeling fierce. He shared his disapproval of Daniela’s first wedding dress. He didn’t like that the dress showed off her bumps and bulges.

Because of this comment, fans think Randy was rude to Daniela. Some of them accused the fashion designer of body-shaming his production assistant. Even Daniela seemed taken aback by Randy’s comment. Future brides should feel confident when trying on dresses, even if they’re trying on a few hits rather than misses.

Randy wanted to be a good friend. He claims that his brutally honest opinions are all out of love. However, this isn’t a future bride that walked into Kleinfeld. Daniela is his colleague and one of his good friends. Fans disagreed with Randy’s comment about Daniela’s first dress. They thought she looked beautiful in it, and that he was causing unnecessary drama.

Say Yes to the Dress fans accuse Randy of fat-shaming

Most Say Yes to the Dress fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. One fan wrote, “Daniela’s first dress looks amazing!” Another noticed Daniela’s reaction to Randy’s comment. She probably didn’t anticipate that kind of response. The fan claimed that she was “blindsided by the fact” that “Randy didn’t like the dress.”

Instead, Randy suggested what dresses would look best for her curves. His further comments landed him in more hot water. Daniela felt hurt by what he said about her body. Maybe bridal consultant Amber will have to step in and make Daniela feel beautiful in her body. Or, Randy’s comments make lead her to not want to try any more dresses.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Randy was fat-shaming Daniela? Sound off below in the comments.

Say Yes to the Dress premiered on Saturday, July 17 at 8 p.m. ET on TLC. You can catch up with the show on discovery+.

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