Kaitlyn Bristowe Says ‘Everybody Changes Over Seven Years’

Kaitlyn Bristowe, YouTube

Kaitlyn Bristowe shared fans of the show still want her to look the way she did on The Bachelor in 2015. She says it’s ridiculous to think people don’t change over the course of seven years. When she competed for Chris Soules’s heart, she was twenty-nine. Now she’s thirty-seven. After Kaitlyn went on The Bachelor, she became the lead on The Bachelorette. Most recently she hosted The Bachelorette with Tayshia Adams. 

Bristowe says she’s not the “young-looking, innocent, little, naïve girl,” anymore, but people expect her to be. Talking on the Not Skinny But Not Fact podcast Kaitlyn reflected on her time in the spotlight and people’s unrealistic expectations.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Has Faced Scrutiny

Kaitlyn Bristowe shared she’s faced scrutiny for the evolution of her looks. There are some who say she does too much to her face claiming she’s had all types of plastic surgery. Bristowe happily admits she loves Botox and fillers. She also shared she gives herself a lot of criticism.

Kaitlyn Bristowe, YouTube
Kaitlyn Bristowe, YouTube

According to Yahoo Life, she thinks there’s a ridiculous standard for women from the franchise to stay the same. Famous people are always put under a microscope when they put their lives out there.  Women seem to have viewers focus more on their weight and how they look than men.

She Wants To Be A Good Example

Kaitlyn Bristowe said she used to look at others in the dance studio and compare her body to theirs. She said she’s still trying to figure out why she did that. Kaitlyn told Yahoo, “I’d love to not be poking my face every six weeks to try to look better.” Bristowe wouldn’t want her niece to get into her twenties and think she needs to compare her body to others.

Kaitlyn Bristowe, YouTube
Kaitlyn Bristowe, YouTube

In a different interview, Kaitlyn explained why people think she had plastic surgery. She said, “I had a brow lift, brow microblading, got my teeth bonded, had some filler in my lips, aging, darker hair, learned how to contour, and put on weight.” There was also a procedure to get her ear lobes fixed after too many heavy earrings. Kaitlyn remained open about anything she was having done to her face over the years. She also shared that her weight loss in 2020 was due to an addiction to Valium.

More so, Kaitlyn gets a lot of hateful comments on social media. People tell her she’s not pretty now and that her face looks bad. It can get to her sometimes. She says she’s insecure about a lot of things. It feels like when you’re in the Bachelor franchise you have to be perfect and post about your body positivity all the time. It’s just not realistic. Do you think fans expect women in the reality television world to keep their youthful appearance? Read more about Kaitlyn Bristowe here and about The Bachelor here.  Comment with your thoughts below.

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