Did Tayshia Adams Just Soft Launch New Relationship?

Tayshia Adams, YouTube

Former Bachelorette Tayshia Adams may have just revealed some information about herself on TikTok. Fans are going crazy and the video has garnered over five thousand likes. One fan said, “Tayshia, I’m unwell, and I love this.” Tayshia Adams was on Season 23 of The Bachelorette, and quickly became a fan favorite with her engaging smile and fun personality.

Looking cute in clear glasses and an orange sweatshirt, Tayshia lip-syncs to a clip from the show Russian Doll. One character says, “are you going to tell me what’s going on?” The other replies that she would but it might, “give us both an aneurysm.” The quote and the cute fit aren’t what fans noticed about the TikTok video. Read on to see why Bachelor Nation had such a reaction.

What Was Tayshia Adams’s Video Really About?

Tayshia Adams captioned the video, “when the new guy I’m seeing asks about my dating history.” Fans think she’s hinting that there’s a man in her life. Of course, anyone who has a television would probably have a pretty good idea of Tayshia’s dating history. She had just gotten divorced from her husband when she went onto Colton Underwood’s season.

Tayshia Adams, TikTok
Tayshia Adams, TikTok

After The Bachelor, she found a connection with John Paul Jones on Bachelor in Paradise. During the pandemic, Tayshia was called in to be the lead when Clare Crawley unexpectedly left early with one of her contestants. On her season The Bachelorette she got engaged to Zac Clark, but the two called it quits a year after their finale aired. Viewers enjoyed watching Tayshia hosting with Katie Thurston, but they really hoped she could find the one for her.

She Loves Playing Around On Social Media

This is not the first post that Tayshia Adams made about her dating life. In the one below she joked about not seeing the red flags because the guy is tall and a good dresser. She lets sunglasses fall over her eyes. In another one, she said, “when they hit you up with the Merry Christmas text,” she then dances while saying nope multiple times. One follower joked they turn their phone off between the twenty-third and the twenty-seventh.

Tayshia Adams, TikTok
Tayshia Adams, TikTok

Bachelor Nation fans and stars commented on her video. Fellow Bachelorette Rachel Recchia simply commented, “DED.” A fan commented, “we love to see you happy.” Another joked, “so dramatic it could be a reality show.” Now that she’s put this out into the world, amateur sleuths will be trying to figure out who she could be dating.

What do you think about Tayshia’s TikTok? Do you think she just made the caption up for content, or there’s more to it? Could she be seeing someone else from the reality television space? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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