‘Below Deck’ Captain Kerry Stashes Money, Voluntarily Quits Work?

Captain Kerry [YouTube]

Below Deck Adventure star Captain Kerry Titheradge is tough on his crew. He doesn’t like quitters and he demands honesty and respect. His ex-wife wants the same from him. She accused him of stashing money and voluntarily quitting work.

The two are in the midst of a nasty divorce. In the new series, Captain Kerry shares that he has a girlfriend and that he’s also a single father. He doesn’t mention anything about his ex-wife. Details about their divorce have come out as his past comes back to haunt him.

Captain Kerry Titheradge [YouTube]

Captain Kerry Titheradge is at odds with his ex-wife

The U.S. Sun was the first to report on the Below Deck Adventure breakout star’s divorce. Captain Kerry is still in the midst of a divorce from his ex-wife, with whom he shares two children. In a previous episode of the Bravo series, Captain Kerry relaxed in the hot tub as he FaceTimed them.

He filed for divorce from his former wife in October 2019. The reason behind their split was that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.” The former spouses married in 2019. Captain Kerry has requested “shared parental responsibility” for their children.

Captain Kerry [YouTube]
They sold their Palm Beach Gardens home in June 2020 for $485,000. The parents plan to split the proceeds based on their ownership interest. However, the ex-wife responded for ownership of their marital home in  November 2019. She argues that they shouldn’t have filed for separation since they still live in the same house.

In the court documents, she accused the Below Deck star of stashing away money and skipping out on jobs. She reminded the court that he is “voluntarily unemployed” even though he currently stars on Below Deck Adventure. His ex-wife is asking for durational alimony that would end whether one of them would pass away. She also accused Captain Kerry of “making large withdrawals from marital accounts” before their divorce.

Below Deck Adventure star fights back

Captain Kerry responded to his ex-wife’s claims. He denies her requests for alimony and claims that he voluntarily quits his jobs. Captain Kerry also denies the allegations that he withdrew large amounts of money before filing for divorce.

Despite the nasty divorce, they both agreed to joint custody of their kids. Captain Kerry sees them 182 nights out of the year, while his wife has them for 183. Both of them have also waived their right to alimony. Yet, Captain Kerry has to give his ex-wife $12,982 from the home sale and $14,000.

Captain Kerry [YouTube]
He will also pay $650 a month in child support for both of their kids. The Below Deck Adventure cast member finalized his divorce in September 2020. Captain Kerry is now dating Gönül Bihan, who worked for him as a chief stew.

What are your thoughts on Captain Kerry being accused of hiding money and voluntarily quitting his work? Do you believe the claims? What are your thoughts on Below Deck Adventure? Sound off below in the comment section.

The Below Deck Adventure season finale airs on Tuesday night (January 31) at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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