‘Below Deck Adventure’ Kyle Dickard Under Arrest In Florida

Kyle Dickard [Kyle Dickard | Instagram]

Below Deck Adventure alum Kyle Dickard was under arrest in Florida. This comes on the heels of his short-lived time on the Bravo spinoff series. Earlier this month, the new show premiered to good reviews. Fans love the concept of the popular yachting series, which chartered in the coldest waters yet.

The cold atmosphere also comes with cold-hearted crew members. Kyle worked on the deck team, where he argued with fellow deckhand Nathan Morley. This led to his firing in a previous episode. Some would say it’s the fastest firing in the show’s history. Read on to learn the details of Kyle’s arrest.

Kyle Dickard [Bravo TV | YouTube]
[Bravo TV | YouTube]

Why was Kyle Dickard fired from Below Deck Adventure?

In a swift action, Captain Kerry Titheradge fired Kyle Dickard. It was the first firing from the first season of Below Deck Aventure and the fastest one in the history of Below Deck. The new captain made it clear that he runs a tight boat and he lived up to those expectations.

On a previous episode of Below Deck Down Adventure, Nathan spoke to Captain Kerry about Kyle’s behavior. After the first crew outing, Kyle had too much to drink and acted belligerent with the crew. Nathan headed back to the yacht early so he could avoid Kyle and get some sleep.

Kyle Dickard Catches A Huge Fish [Kyle Dickard | Instagram]
[Kyle Dickard | Instagram]
He couldn’t escape him since the two share a cabin. Kyle returned and argued with Nathan again about their bathroom. He then threatened to fight Nathan. Up to this point, Nathan had prior issues with Kyle’s behavior and didn’t feel safe around him. The following day, Nathan spoke to Captain Kerry, who took it seriously.

At this point, Kyle acted inappropriately with most of his crew members, including stew Kasie Faddah. He tried kissing her more than once, even though she turned down his advances. Kasie had a bad feeling about Kyle. However, boatswain Lewis Lupton didn’t want Kyle to go.

He didn’t see an issue with Kyle. Ultimately, it wasn’t Lewis’s decision since Nathan took it directly to the captain. Captain Kerry gave him his papers and told him to leave the boat immediately. Fans were impressed with his fast action and no-nonsense attitude.

Below Deck Adventure: From fired to arrested

It is not a good Thanksgiving weekend for Kyle. According to Starcasm on Instagram, the Below Deck Adventure alum was under arrest while in Florida. They shared the official court documents. He was placed under arrest for “rushing the pitch at a soccer match.”

“Kyle is currently facing 3 charges, including a felony count of bribery,” the Instagram post reads.

Below Deck Adventure fans aren’t surprised. They took to the comment section to react. Most of them didn’t see a bright future for the former deckhand. Kyle became the most-hated Below Deck crew member for his “racist” actions against Nathan.

What are your thoughts on Kyle Dickard’s arrest? Does this surprise you? Do you think he’s now the most-hated crew member in Below Deck Adventure? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Adventure air on Bravo on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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