Fastest Firing In ‘Below Deck’ History?

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This is the fastest firing in Below Deck history. The new spinoff series Below Deck Adventure premiered earlier this month. Fans are loving Captain Kerry Titheradge for his no-nonsense approach to his job.

He might be the toughest captain the franchise has ever seen since Captain Lee Rosbach launched the franchise ten years ago. So far, his replacement is living up to his standards. Fans applauded him in the second installment of the new series, which aired on Monday, November 14.

He made it clear that he wasn’t here for deckhand Kyle Dickard’s foolishness. He felt that Kyle was a “threat” to the entire yacht, especially after his row with fellow deckhand Nathan Morley. Read on to learn more and to see what the fans have to say about this new show.

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Captain Kerry Titheradge fires Kyle Dickard

This might’ve been the fastest firing that Below Deck fans had ever witnessed in the history of the entire franchise. On Monday’s episode of Below Deck Adventure, Captain Kerry says he doesn’t think Kyle belongs on the yacht any longer. Kyle has shown aggressive behavior toward Nathan since the start of the charter season.

What’s even worse is that the two had to share a cabin together. Kyle’s bathroom habits and rude behavior made Nathan uncomfortable. Kyle also acted aggressively with some of the female crew members, including stew Kasie Faddah. He tried kissing her even after she turned down his advances.

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During the crew’s first outing, Kyle had too much to drink. He became drunk and belligerent as the night went on. Nathan went to bed early since he didn’t want to end up on Kyle’s drunken bad side. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hide from Kyle when he returned to their cabin to badger him.

He even threatened to fight Nathan. The following day, Nathan spoke to Captain Kerry, who took it very seriously. He told boatswain Lewis Lupton about Kyle’s behavior and how it’s grounds for “instant dismissal.” He spoke to Kyle, who surprisingly owned up to his behavior.

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Below Deck fans applaud Captain Kerry’s actions

Kyle received backlash from Below Deck for his “racist” behavior. He explains in his confessionals that he’s from Texas and it’s the way he acts. During the episode, fans took to Twitter to applaud Captain Kerry’s actions. They were happy to see that he took Nathan’s concerns seriously and fired Kyle.

It was the fastest exit in Below Deck history. Kyle was fired after the first few episodes of the spinoff. Many of them hoped that he would be gone before the end of the season. Below Deck fans were already over the deckhand from the moment that they were introduced to him.

  • “Kyle is f***ing gone! Glad he left! Done…..”
  • “This guy had a vile liability to everyone on the boat. He had to go!”
  • “I love that the Captain did not mess around and got rid of Kyle’s punk a**.”
  • “Captain Kerry handled a situation CORRECTLY an inappropriate situation with two new crew members… Thoroughly enjoying the new crop of Below Deck captains.”
  • “Thank you Captain Kerry for doing the right thing in firing Kyle.”

Kyle has gotten a lot of hate on his latest Instagram post. It’s a stark contrast to Nathan’s latest Instagram post, where fans said he’s the hottest guy on Below Deck Adventure. What are your thoughts? Do you think this is the fastest firing in Below Deck history? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Adventure air on Bravo on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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