‘Below Deck’ Producer Teases New Spinoff Series

Below Deck Producer Teases New Spinoff Series

Below Deck producer teased the new spinoff series. Fans already got a taste for Below Deck Down Under, which premiered on Bravo last month. The first season is also available to watch on Peacock. The series showed the return of Aesha Scott and the debut of Captain Jason Chambers.

Unfortunately, the ratings for the Bravo premiere haven’t been great. That’s probably because most watchers already have a subscription to Peacock. However, that hasn’t stopped producers from growing and expanding the franchise. They are looking to another spinoff series, which could also premiere on Peacock.

Below Deck Down Under Captain Jason Chambers [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]

Is the Bravo franchise scripted?

Below Deck producer, Mark Cronin spoke to Us Weekly about the series, including a future spinoff. He answered a question that gets asked the most. Fans want to know if the show is scripted. Mark confirmed that it’s “zero scripted” unlike most reality shows that air on Bravo and other networks.

“These are Yachtys, they’re real kids. And it’s very important to us that they have a real experience, a real yachting experience,” Mark told Us Weekly on Friday, August 5. “The way we look at it is we have a six-week shoot and we have to capture everything that happens.”

Below Deck Captain Lee Rosbach [Peacock | YouTube]
[Peacock | YouTube]
Sometimes it can be “really hard to capture everything” that happens in that little time. The production crew can’t direct the drama or tell the crew what to do. Mark says they don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. It’s more about capturing real moments as they happen.

“We don’t spend any time telling anybody what to do. That’s for sure,” Mark added. “If we say anything to them about how they could help us out or be better it’s, ‘please talk.’ The most common thing is the, like, you’ll have two stews making a bed and they’re in total silence.”

That’s when they’ll ask the camera crew to encourage the stews to talk. Then they’ll leave the bedroom and see what happens. Other than that, most of the drama happens organically. The same goes for the demanding charter guests who appear on the show.

What is Below Deck Adventure?

TV Shows Ace previously reported the details of Below Deck Adventure, which takes place in ice-cold waters. It’s nothing like the viewers have ever witnessed before. Mark shared his thoughts on the spinoff, which is currently filming in Norway. He couldn’t reveal a premiere date since it’s still in production.

“Even Norway’s warmest months are colder than you’re used to seeing on Below Deck,” he told Us Weekly. “They’re for the people who are not quite the sit with a cocktail on the beach [type of people]. They wanna climb something and jump off it.”

The new series will feature more high-octane adventures. They call these little cruises “icebreaker yachts,” which fans have never seen before. Of course, there will also be picturesque shots of the beautiful country itself. What are your thoughts on this new Below Deck spinoff? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on the Below Deck franchise.

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