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‘Doom Patrol’ & ‘Titans’ Both Cancelled

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DC fans have had it a bit rough throughout this modern superhero renaissance in Hollywood. They haven’t gotten nearly the consistency of output or quality as Marvel fans have gotten with the MCU. But, through all the troubles of DC adaptations, Doom Patrol and Titans have stood out to many as some of the best. Both shows have some of the best critic and fan reviews of any DC adaptation. And both have dedicated fanbases. Sadly, this isn’t enough to keep either show going, and HBO has recently given confirmation that both shows are ending after their respective fourth seasons.

Goodbye Doom PatrolTitans

Currently, both shows are in the midst of their fourth seasons. Fans have been suspecting for some time now that the shows wouldn’t be coming back for fifth seasons. This suspicion came from the fact that halfway through the fourth seasons, we still had no confirmation of a Season 5 renewal from HBO Max. Now HBO Max has officially given confirmation that both shows will be ending with the release of the second half of their respective seasons.

robotman and negative man doom patrol
Robotman and Negative Man of ‘Doom Patrol’

Thankfully, it seems as though the creative teams behind these shows were aware that this will be the end. Comments from actors and personnel behind the show make it seem as though the upcoming endings of these seasons were planned around the idea that it will be the definitive end. This is good because it means we’ll get a true ending for these characters. Not a cliffhanger ending or something that leaves us with no resolve for certain storylines or plot threads.

Joivan Wade, the actor behind Cyborg in Doom Patrol went to Instagram to reflect on the show recently.

“The last 4 Years of my life have been an absolute dream. The memories I will take with me from this will be unmeasured. The lessons, the skill, the insight, the friendships, and the stories. It was LITERALLY my dream,” Wade wrote.

Other actors from these shows have come out with grateful goodbyes, as well. Like Joshua Orpin, the actor behind Superboy on Titans.

All The Cancellations

raven titans
Raven, one of the main characters of ‘Titans’

HBO Max has been on a cancellation frenzy as of late. They’ve been canceling all kinds of shows from Westworld to Raised By Wolves. The loss of Doom Patrol and Titans may not be entirely an HBO decision, however. Many fans are blaming the changing creative team behind the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) for the end of these shows. Recently, there have been many changes to attempt to pull the DCEU out of its consistent failures. It seems as though the plan right now is to cancel all ongoing projects and start from scratch. This includes the end of other fan-favorite DC shows as well, like The Flash.

The finale episodes of both Doom Patrol and Titans will be airing on HBO Max soon. The first halves of Season 4 for both shows are out now.

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