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Superboy Turns Evil For HBO Max’s ‘Titans’ Season 4

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HBO Max’s Titans Season 4 premiered on November 3 as the team heads to Metropolis. After saving the world in the previous season, the young superheroes will face Lex Luthor’s latest scheme. However, nothing is as it appears and Superboy might just explore his Lex Luthor side to turn evil. How does that happen? Keep reading to find out the details!

Why Does Superboy Become Evil In Titans Season 4?

Titans showrunner Grey Walker recently teased the possibility of Conner Kent’s decision to explore the scary character traits he inherited from Lex. Walker also explained why Superboy (Joshua Orpin) is embracing this evil side in the fourth season.

Superboy Conner Kent Titans HBO Max YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Walker explained, “Conner’s confused by magic. It’s a vulnerability that doesn’t make sense to him. You see Jinx kind of needling him about that in a scene that I really quite like. He’s struggling with that and he starts to get very insecure.”

“So a lot of his reaction is like, ‘Oh, I’m freaked out. So I’m going to adopt the persona that is tough and aggressive and may be filled with some anger and it’s going to be scary, so I can scare people back and that will make me less scared,” he further added.

Did Mother Mayhem Influence Superboy’s Evil Transformation?

Superboy has been out of sorts ever since Mother Mayhem stabbed him in the fourth episode of this season. Moreover, this also allowed Mayhem to control Conner remotely. Despite the connection being severed, Lex’s creation is still showcasing erratic behavior. Moreover, he abruptly transforms into a total jerk during the Season 4, Part 1 finale. He doesn’t just change his wardrobe and shaves his hair off, but also becomes an insufferably arrogant person.

Superboy Conner Kent Titans HBO Max YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

With the apocalypse approaching fast, the rest of the Titans don’t really have time to figure out why Superboy turned into someone from hell. There is a possibility that the influence of Mayhem might have brought about Superboy’s Lex Luthor side. Her presence in his mind triggered the surfacing of a persona that already existed but was drowned way inside.

Titans Season 3 Was A Turning Point For Superboy

Conner’s transformation was a long time coming given how he was born as a lab experiment with no meaningful connections or family roots that could keep him grounded. As per, Season 3 also tested his emotional strength when he kept blaming himself for failing to avoid Hank’s death. His experiences throughout Season 3 have intensified the inner conflict that he was already feeling due to his unconventional birth.

Superboy Conner Kent Titans HBO Max YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Given that Mayhem no longer controls his mind, it might be Superboy’s conscious decision to embrace Lex Luthor’s evil qualities because he is the only father he knows.

Do you think Superboy would give in to his evil side? Will he turn into a supervillain like Lex Luthor? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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