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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11 Netflix Release Date

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AMC’s The Walking Dead finally wrapped up its elaborate eleventh season on November 20. The show has been a part of AMC and Netflix ever since it first premiered in 2014. Each year, the zombie-apocalypse series airs its latest season on the network after which it drops on Netflix for viewers to stream as they please. So, when will the latest season of The Walking Dead head to the streamer? Keep reading to find out the details!

The Walking Dead Season 11 Has The Highest Episode Count

The Walking Dead is a live-action adaptation of a comic book of the same name. This post-apocalyptic horror TV series features a large ensemble cast that survives a zombie apocalypse. As they try to stay alive under the near-constant zombie threat, they also have to look out for and even confront other human survivors.

The Walking Dead YouTube Netflix AMC

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Season 11 has been the longest in the series’ history given that it had a total of 24 episodes which is two more than Season 10. In the franchise, only the original series is on Netflix, the spin-offs have all found their way onto other rival streamers worldwide including Disney+ and Amazon Prime.

When Will Season 11 Debut On Netflix US?

Currently, the Season 11 of the series is only accessible in the United States on AMC+. The previous season of the zombie series was distributed to Netflix Canada and Netflix USA simultaneously. So, it is expected that the upcoming season will follow the same pattern. As per What’s On Netflix, Season 11 will arrive on Netflix in at least 26 countries including the United States.

The Walking Dead YouTube Netflix AMC

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Usually, Netflix releases a new season just before AMC debuts the next one. However, a longer season length might also have a major impact on the Netflix release date. If the streamer follows its usual pattern, the latest season will probably make it to the streamer between 113 and 161 days after the finale. This means fans can expect the series to land on Netflix between March and April 2023. As per some unverified reports, the new season might arrive on the streamer by January 2023. However, at the absolute latest, you’ll be streaming The Walking Dead by September 2023.

When Will The Walking Dead Leave Netflix?

Some international Netflix regions have already received eight episodes of the series including the Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, France, India, and others.

Eventually, The Walking Dead will leave the streamer and land on one of its competitor’s platforms. However, it isn’t known when the license for the series expires. If the series follows Hell On Wheels’ departure schedule, this will most probably be sometime after 2026.

The Walking Dead YouTube Netflix AMC

[Source: YouTube]

In several locations outside the United States, the new streaming home of the show is on Disney+ including the United Kingdom. So, in the US, it is expected that the series will eventually move to AMC+.

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