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Is Netflix Thriller ‘Devil In Ohio’ Inspired By Real Events?

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Netflix’s thriller series Devil In Ohio premiered on the streaming platform on September 2, 2022. With a gripping tale and is no doubt the perfect way to start the weekend. Based on a novel by the same name authored by Daria Polatin, the mini-series stars Emily Deschanel as Dr. Suzanne Mathis. This latest Netflix series tells the story of a young patient who escapes a cryptic cult.

However, as fans binge on the show, many feel that the story seems way too real to be penned from imagination. They even wonder if it is based on real events.

Keep reading to find out the truth!

Devil In Ohio Author Confirms The Story Is Based On Real Events

In the series, after the patient escapes a cult known to worship the devil. However, she puts her family in danger after a psychiatrist takes her in. Although the story is based on Polatin’s book, fans believe that there might be some truth to it.

Devil In Ohio Netflix YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Before the premiere of the show, the author clarified that her book is actually based on true events, as reported by The Sun. Talking about the story, Polatin said, “The book was inspired by true events from a story that our executive producer, Rachel Miller, heard, which actually took place in Ohio.”

“When she told me the story, I was like, I have to tell that. I loved writing the book and I completely fictionalized the story for the YA audience. For the series, I based the story off the book, but I reframed it to be through the psychiatrist’s mother’s perspective,” she continued.

Netflix’s New Thriller Features A Made-Up Cult

Although the show might be inspired by real events, the mysterious cult represented in the mini-series was actually created by the writers. Talking about how they came up with the idea of the cult, Polatin mentioned,

“I and my writers’ room studied all of the cults. We tried to learn about as many organizations as we could, then we made up our own cult using elements of many different groups.”

Devil In Ohio Netflix YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Not just that, the creative team also brought their mind to create a fresh ideology and bible for the story. “It was a really exciting creative experience to make up this group from whole cloth and make it something really unique and special,” explained the author.

Devil In Ohio Netflix YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Emily Deschanel is the lead in the series. Additionally, the show also has Madeleine Arthur portraying the role of Mae Dodd. The eight episodes mini-series is available to stream exclusively on Netflix. Whether the show will return for a second season is unclear as of now.

Have you already watched the latest Netflix thriller? What do you think of the story? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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