The Netflix movie Tell Me Who I Am tells the story of Alex and Marcus Lewis

Netflix Original True Story Movie: ‘Tell Me Who I Am’: What’s It About?

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Netflix is expanding its library of projects based on true events and has acquired the rights to produce Tell Me Who I Am. The Original film will be a narrative version of Alex and Marcus Lewis’ gripping true story. The Lewis’ tale has already been chronicled in the bestselling book by Joanna Hodgkin, along with a Netflix critically acclaimed documentary, both of the same name. Read on to find out more about this truly fascinating story and what you can expect.

Plot of the Netflix Original movie Tell Me Who I Am

The movie adaptation of Joanna Hodgkin’s novel Tell Me Who I Am tells the story of Alex Lewis, who woke up after a serious accident to discover he had forgotten everything in his life. He doesn’t remember his own name and the only thing he does remember is his identical twin brother, Marcus. His twin becomes Alex’s only link to his past and his only hope for the future.

The Netflix movie Tell Me Who I Am tells the story of Alex and Marcus Lewis
Alex and Marcus Lewis [Image Netflix/YouTube]
His memory was rebuilt from stories his brother and other people have told him. However, it was impossible to tell which was fact and which was fiction. Years later, Alex discovered that his twin brother hadn’t told him the whole truth of his childhood and family. He hadn’t told him anything of the true forces that had shaped him in his life. Through a series of secrets and silences, Alex has no choice but to start all over again.

This has ended up being Alex’s reality and with strong courage, he has spent years hunting for the truth about his hidden past. He also learns the truth about his remarkable family.

Meanwhile, his journey to understand his true identity reveals a secret tragedy along with shocking betrayals. His twin brother, Marcus, has sometimes been a reluctant companion on his journey. However, it led to staggering revelations for him, too, along the way and eventually allowed them both to shed impossible burdens.

Alex and Marcus’ story involves 1950s debutantes and high society in the Home Counties through to 1990s raves. It also heads to a remote island in the Pacific. According to Netflix, the story is heartbreaking, disturbing, but also funny and affirming as the brothers rebuild their lives.

True life story

Besides the novel by Joanna Hodgkin, the streaming channel released a Netflix Original documentary Tell Me Who I Am in 2019. The trailer is included below and reveals the twins themselves telling their story.

Meanwhile, the narrative movie of the same name was conceived by David Permut, producer of Hacksaw Ridge. Permut also worked on the iconic movie Face/Off, starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. At this stage, the movie is in very early development, with Netflix still seeking a director, writer and cast.

As for the release date on Netflix, so far there is no hint as to when it might premiere. As noted by What’s on Netflix, with all the outstanding work to do, it is likely that Tell Me Who I Am will only drop at some time in 2023.

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