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Are Kody & Robyn Brown Really Looking For Another Sister Wife?

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In the ongoing saga of Sister Wives, Kody and Robyn Brown have been under fire lately. Kody has chosen to stay with Robyn after Christine Brown left him. Janelle Brown followed shortly after and then, Kody decided to call it quits with Meri Brown. The dream of having the perfect polygamist marriage is over for him, but there is speculation about what is ahead.

Will Kody and Robyn Brown Find Another Wife

Kody’s polygamist dream came to a screeching halt when Christine decided to leave their marriage. This shut Kody and Robyn Brown down and they both felt lost. Robyn was heartbroken and knew that there had to be a way to keep the family together. It turns out, there was no way and all of her efforts were too late. There has been some talk in the social media world about Kody and Robyn Brown seeking another wife though.

In a recent post on Instagram, Without A Crystal Ball, Katie Joy shared a little more information on the Sister Wives cast and a possible new wife. There have been plenty of rumors swirling around about the Browns, however, it is unclear if they will try to find another wife to join their polygamist dream. One of the rumors that Katie Joy points out was about Kody trying to find a wife from Central America. It doesn’t seem likely that he would want to find a wife who isn’t practicing his religion.

Sister Wives-TLC
Sister Wives- TLC

Additionally, with all of these crazy rumors, some of Kody’s children mentioned that they don’t think Kody will ever marry again. It appears that the relationship between Kody and Robyn is solid enough for now.

The Marriage Details

Fans were pretty shocked when Chrsitine left Kody, but this did make for a great storyline on Sister Wives. All season, fans were curious as to what would happen to this polygamist marriage. Additionally, fans learned a lot more about the other marriages and just what he had told Robyn. It came out during the tell-all that Kody had been sharing a lot of private topics with Robyn. In fact, there were some rumors that he actually wanted to tell her about his sex life with the other wives!

Part of being in a polygamist marriage does mean that there are some private topics that one should not share with the other wives. When it came out that Kody had been giving Robyn some private bedroom insight, fans were shocked. In fact, fans found out that Robyn knew that she was the only wife he had been intimate with for years! Of course, this really sealed the deal when it came to discovering who his favorite wife truly is.

Sister Wives/YouTube

Do you think that Kody and Robyn will try to find another wife? Will they continue to push their polygamist dream or is this the end? Please tell us what you think in the comments below. Stay here at Tv Shows Ace for more Sister Wives. 


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