‘Sister Wives’: Has Kody Brown Been Using Dating Apps?

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Kody Brown may have been swiping left and right in his free time. The Sister Wives star recently lost three of his wives so fans wondered if he would take on more wives. More so, they wondered if he would even be open to courting another woman. Now it seems that he may have already been doing so but from the comfort of his own home. Read on for more details.

Sister Wives: Has Kody Brown Been Using Dating Apps?

Kody Brown feels like he is at the edge of his rope with polygamy. What started out quite optimistically has turned into somewhat of a failure. In 1990, he married his first wife, Meri. Then, in 1993, he married his second wife, Janelle followed by his third, Christine in 1994. Finally, in 2010, Kody wed his fourth wife, Robyn. It all seemed to be going swimmingly and then, in early 2021, Christine exited the family. The following year, both Janelle and Meri called it quits, as well.

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When asked if they thought Kody Brown would take on more wives, Christine said she did not believe he and Robyn would. Now it seems that Kody has gone outside of his world to look for a new addition. According to @withoutacrystalball, Katie Joy shared a few stories about women who claimed that they had been pursued by Kody, one via an app. One lady said she met him on a dating app about nine years ago. She was using a few different ones including Plenty of Fish, Match and LDS mingle though she can’t remember where they clicked.

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Allegedly, his address matched but he was not one to text, only speak on the phone. More so, he claimed that he had a lot of children, and was unwed but lived next door to his ex. This would make sense given the timeline as the Browns would have lived in the cul-de-sac in Vegas. He and Meri would have been divorced so yes, he would have lived next to his ex. As for work, Kody Brown claimed that he was an “actor” who appeared on a show about polygamy.

Not The Only One

They never ended up meeting in person but she did say she realized who he was when she finally saw Kody Brown on Sister Wives. This mystery lady was not the only one who was chatting with the “actor.” Apparently, Katie Joy was messaged by another woman. However, she did not meet him on a dating app but in person. She claims that it was in 2017 at a gun show and with this one, he did say that he was married but with five children. This woman was familiar with who he was and knew he had the other three wives and 13 kids.

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Katie Joy

Now, Katie Joy is on a mission to find women who have spoken to Kody Brown either on a dating app or in person. Someone did tell her that he spends a lot of time in his car so that would be the perfect outlet for him to swipe left and right. Is this him pulling a Meri and getting emotional comfort elsewhere? Or is he simply seeking another wife through the internet?

Do you think Kody Brown is actively on dating apps and using his gun company to meet women? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. he is a idiot trying to claim the woman are at fault..when we can clearly see he has a attitude and thinks he deserves respect..how does that saying go respect is earned..And in the latest we have seen.. he has no respect for his wifes or the lifestyle he lives.

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