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‘WOACB’ Katie Joy Volunteers To Be ‘SW’ Tell-All Host

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Without A Crystal Ball founder, Katie Joy has volunteered her talents to be the Sister Wives tell-all host. Katie stated her case on her Instagram page. She had some good reasons and it seems that she might be far better than the current host, Sukanya Krishnan. Read on for her plea and what followers had to say.

WOACB Katie Joy Volunteers To Be SW Tell-All Host

Katie Joy has long been exposing secrets and truths about the Sister Wives brood. She shared that Kody and Robyn Brown had a very close connection to one of the show’s producers. This made fans question if this was giving him special treatment and a better edit. However, if that was the best edit he was getting, how bad was what was left on the cutting room floor? Furthermore, with a good producer relationship, did this mean Kody was privy to what the tell-all questions were beforehand? It brought up a lot of head-scratching moments.

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Along with her @withoutacrystalball Instagram page, Katie Joy also has a YouTube channel with 315K subscribers. So, she is doing very well for herself in the reality television world. Now, she has offered up herself as the new Sister Wives tell-all host. With her, she brings a lot as she shared on IG. “I volunteer as tribute to interview Kody Brown for the season 18 tell all. Without a Crystal Ball is one of the top sources and blogs for Sister Wives coverage. I watch the show. I know the family & I speak to several of the Brown children,” she addressed TLC.

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Furthermore, she went on to add: They deserve a voice. Not Kody. I’ve had Gabe in my DMs thanking me for sticking up for him. Gwen sharing with me that she was never paid for her work on your network. Paedon who has been in my comments praising his mom for leaving his dad.” Additionally, Katie Joy asked about the voices of all of the kids who have essentially been exploited. All she wants is ten minutes with the father of 18 to ask the questions fans want answers to. Is that enough?

What Her Followers Have To Say

Admittedly, Katie Joy has said she does not think that TLC would hire her. Yet, she recognizes that she has tried and really, that is all that matters. However, her followers were all for it. “I second this motion. if suki doesn’t ask about forgetting gabe’s birthday, I will be pissed,” one noted. Another added: “I’d even watch it on Pay Per View!” Finally, someone had this to say: “Lol… I would love to see him try and put his hand on your leg!! 🤣🤣🤣” Some may recall that Kody put his hand on Sukanya’s leg as he was recalling a story. It was uncomfortable.

Do you think that Katie Joy would make a good tell-all host? More so, do you think TLC would even consider someone who actually cares about the viewers? Let us know and watch the final part of Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.

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  1. Instead of jumping all in, why don’t we wait and see how Sukanya does first? Give her a chance, at least. I thought she did rather well with Kody. If he’s not going to answer a question Sukanya asks, what makes you think he will answe if someone else asks the same one? You know he will always protect Robyn no matter what. Nothing against Katie Joy, I’m just saying, give her a chance to do her job before wanting someone else to take over.

  2. I feel that Katie is an awful choice. Her credibility is constantly called into question, and there are numerous lawsuits against her, as well as petitions to remove her from her platforms. Although maybe the fact that she seems to be a rather icky person, as does Kody, would make her the perfect choice.

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