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Did Kody Brown Detail Romps With Other Wives To Robyn?

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Sister Wives fans claim Kody Brown shared his bedroom details with other wives to Robyn Brown. In the final Tell-All episode, Kody’s favorite wife had some startling revelations and claims to share with the host Sukanya Krishnan. She also threw her former sister wives under the bus stating that Kody was still romantically involved with them even when they had stretch marks or gained weight. So, how does Robyn know such intimate details about other wives? Keep reading to find out the scoop!

Robyn Brown Claims Kody Brown Was Denied Romance

In the Tell-All episode, the mother of five dismissed the claims that she was the only woman with whom Kody has been intimate in the past few years. While conversing with Sukanya, she revealed that she saw the Brown family patriarch pursue a romance with his former wives. Her defensive reply came after the host mentioned that Christine referred to her and Kody as soul mates. With a puzzled look on her face, she blamed the three former wives stating that they defied Kody. They made decisions that made Kody feel he couldn’t go home to them while avoiding COVID infection.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

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She further ascertained that Kody is a loving person and more so a loving husband. “And what you see are years of people who don’t care about their relationships, “she said of Christine, Janelle, and Meri. The 44-year-old also claimed that Kody’s former wives rejected him affectionately because they were uncomfortable.

Fans Claim Kody Brown Uses Intimacy As A Weapon

Now, fans claim that Robyn having intel of such intimate details means that Kody surely shares everything with Robyn. On Reddit, fans criticized Robyn Brown for making false claims in the Tell-All episode. They even called out Kody Brown for sharing bedroom details with his other wives to Robyn.

The OP wrote, “Robyn also blames the wives and accused them of withholding or rejecting affection from Kody. Excuse me? And how does Robyn know that these wives were withholding affection? Was Kody possibly telling Robyn that certain wives refused to do certain things for him in the bedroom?”

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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“The problem is Kody says the wives have input into everything BUT if they disagree with him, he takes that as disrespect, shuns them, and takes himself away physically and emotionally,” shared another.

A third claimed, “That shade was at Meri, right after the catfish Kody seemed willing to listen but Meri was in a dark place and need space. Kody took that to mean rejection and that was that.”

Robyn Brings Out The Worst In Kody Brown

Several fans also claimed that Kody and Robyn tell each other everything. Moreover, he has no interest in anyone but Robyn. They also asserted that she brings out the worst in the Brown family patriarch. When partnered with Robyn, his narcissistic side surfaces instantly.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube TLC

[Source: YouTube]

Do you think Kody Brown really shares intimate details with his former wives to Robyn? More so, is that proper of him? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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