‘SW’ Fans Blast Sukanya Krishnan For Weak Questions

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Sister Wives fans are blasting Sukanya Krishnan for weak tell-all questions. The Season 16 and 17 tell-all host left little to be desired during her one-on-ones with Kody and his wives. So, what exactly did viewers have to say about Sukanya and her questioning tactics? Read on for more details.

SW Fans Blast Sukanya Krishnan For Weak Questions

Fans were less than thrilled when they learned that Sukanya Krishnan was returning for Season 17’s tell-all. They had hoped someone tougher or more hard-hitting would be hosting. In Season 16, she did not press Kody hard enough for his poor behavior and let him off the hook a lot. That even went for his fourth wife, Robyn. It seemed that Sukanya Krishnan was just as poorly received for the two parts that have aired so far. Some fans believed that she has not even watched the show which is a huge disadvantage.

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Yet others believed her questions are just far too weak. According to Distractify, Sister Wives fans took to Twitter and expressed their frustration. “Former journalist here. I’m watching the #SisterWives Tell All and the host is missing crucial follow-up questions. I like Sukanya, but she’s missing opportunities to ask questions we want answers to,” one tweeted. Another added: “Def needed a better host who would have asked better questions and held folks accountable for what they said before. She let them off easy #SisterWives.”

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This was followed by: “The host was horrible! I really hope they don’t bring her back again #SisterWives #SisterWivesTLC.” Finally, someone shared this: “I am so upset by the host actually – the fact she presented kody’s claim Christine discouraged him from reconciling with Meri as a FACT, that she referred to Christine’s “bad behaviour”, that she’s said on Twitter they are all responsible for the breakdown of the marriages…”

Does She Write The Questions?

One big question is whether or not Sukanya Krishnan actually writes her own questions. It might be the producers who have a hand in it which would make sense. Kody has a very close relationship with one of his producers of the show so this would only benefit him in the long run. Furthermore, fans are curious if Kody gets pre-approval on what he is asked. Then again, he did lash out at Sukanya Krishnan both during last season and this season’s tell-alls. This time around, he growled at her when he did not want to answer a question. Therefore, it’s a toss-up if these questions are actually her doing.

Do you think Sukanya Krishnan is actually responsible for the weak questions? More so, do you think she should have done better? Let us know in the comments.


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