Eamonn Holmes Just Wants Normalcy Following Rough Year

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Broadcast journalist Eamonn Holmes just wishes for normalcy after the rough year he had. The 63-year-old wishes to regain the original strength and vigor that he had before his two major operations. Moreover, the TV presenter also admitted that he’s worried that things will never get better. So, what happened with Eamonn Holmes? Keep reading to find out the details!

Eamonn Holmes Has A Weak Left Leg Affecting His Mobility

Despite the fact that the Northern Irish broadcaster is getting better after his surgery, he revealed that it is scary for him to think how much his life has changed. Eamonn has had two life-changing operations that have affected him physically. In his first interview with Daily Mail since a horrific accident, the journalist revealed shared details of how blood poured out of his mouth. He revealed how he longs to be able to walk his dog or play a round of golf like he did before.

Eamonn Holmes YouTube

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Before his back surgery that happened in September 2022, Eamonn already depended on a walking stick. His three slipped discs affected the movement of his right leg. Although his back pain improved after the surgery, he was left with a weak left leg that affected his mobility. However, that wasn’t the end of his troubles.

Eamonn Holmes Fell Down The Stairs Needing Surgery

In October 2022, the This Is MY Life author had a nerve-racking accident. It happened while his wife Ruth Langsford was fast asleep. Talking about the incident, he said, “My left knee literally collapsed without any warning. I was on a curve of the stairs, and I just went back down the stairs, boom, boom, boom down the whole staircase until I hit the stone floor in the hallway.”

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“Blood was pouring out my mouth, and a bone was sticking out my shoulder. Ruth came rushing down the stairs. She kept saying, ‘You’re fine, everything’s okay, you’re fine.’ I said, ‘Ruthie, there is a bone sticking out of my shoulder—I’m not fine,’” he added.

Eamonn Holmes Stayed At A Rehab For Recovery

Eamonn Holmes explained how his wife was supportive throughout his recovery and comforted him while they waited two hours for the ambulance to arrive after the accident. “Ruthie put a pillow under my head and sat with me in the hall and we tried to sleep,” he added. Eamonn underwent surgery on his shoulder and spent almost a week at the hospital. Later on, he stayed at a private rehab for six weeks to be able to walk properly again.

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The former talkRADIO host revealed that he already had a weak left leg and now he had a partially functional right arm and a badly injured lower back. He added that the sense of helplessness caused him mental strain. However, just when he thought things couldn’t get worse, Eamonn Holmes lost his mother Josie at the age of 93.

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