Kelly Clarkson Talks With Chris Daughtry About His Tragic Double Losses

Losing your own family can be heart-wrenching. Following 2 tragic losses, American singer Chris Daughtry has been holding on to the guilt. The American Idol alum lost his mother to cancer about 8 months ago. Just a week later, another tragic event unfolded as Hannah Prince, his step-daughter, committed suicide.

The American Idol alum talked to Kelly Clarkson about the tragic events. Read on to find out how he’s doing.

Chris Daughtry Talks About The Commonality Between The Tragic Events

One can only imagine the grief that has been ailing the 42-year-old. He recently opened up about his grief and his struggles with the guilt that comes from both losses. As per Cinema Blend, Chris Daughtry, who bagged the fourth position on Season 5 of American Idol, recently opened up about his feelings.

The musician talked about it on The Kelly Clarkson Show, as his fellow American Idol star asked how he & his wife were doing after the tragedy. Chris explained how his mother succumbing to cancer was very different to his step-daughter committing suicide. However, he did find a heartbreaking commonality between the two tragic events.

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Explaining the reason for his guilt, the rhythm guitarist mentioned that the hardest thing to deal with was the ‘What Ifs’. Although he dealt with both losses differently, the hardest aspect was the guilt associated with both tragedies. He said he wished he could have called more, done this, or done that.

Chris Regrets Not Being Able To Say Goodbye To Hannah

For Chris, it wasn’t just the death of his loved ones but also the rumors around his step-daughter’s death that added fuel to the fire. Following his mother’s death, Daughtry mentioned that he did communicate effectively with her before she passed away. However, he still wishes he would have been able to do more for her. While his mother passed away peacefully, the singer didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her step-daughter.

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The pop-rock singer mentioned that the guilt isn’t just for her daughter but also for her mother’s death. For him, the hardest part in the last few months that withheld him from moving on was the guilt. He added that those guilt trips are the hardest because one cannot do anything to get rid of them. There will always be reminders pointing out what could have been done.

Daughtry Family Grieves The Loss Healthily

In 2000, Chris Daughtry got married to Deanna, Hannah Price’s mother. Later in 2010, the couple welcomed twins into their family. In the talk show, the singer mentioned that the family is now grieving Hannah’s absence in a healthy manner. He also mentioned that her siblings took part in her natural burial process, and the process was healing for the entire family.

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Chris Daughtry auditioned for American Idol in 2006 and found fame. Although he didn’t bag the top spot like Kelly Clarkson, he rode the fourth place opening doorways to success in years to come. He released 6 studio albums with his band Daughtry including the final one, Dearly Beloved, in 2021.

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