‘DWTS’ Pro Jenna Johnson Dishes On Her Long Labor Journey

Jenna Johnson from Instagram

By now, most Dancing With The Stars fans know that Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy welcomed their son on January 10 of this year. The baby is now two weeks old and the little family is enjoying their time alone together. They’ve posted a few photos here and there, but have been largely very secretive about their son so far.

This week, Jenna Johnson chose to open up and share a little bit more about the delivery. And it seems like she had quite a long labor!

Jenna Johnson was in labor for well over a day

Having a baby is a one-of-a-kind and very personal experience. Many DWTS fans would love to know more about Jenna and Val’s journey. But for now, they’re respecting the couple’s privacy as they await news and updates. This week, Jenna chose to share more about the delivery process.

Jenna Johnson & Val Chmerkovskiy from Instagram
Jenna Johnson & Val Chmerkovskiy/Instagram

The many emotions during Labor and Delivery… excitement, fear, pure exhaustion, and so much love,” the professional dancer captioned her recent post. “I’ve always appreciated my body and what it’s been able to help me do and create within my craft… but nothing can prepare you for what a miraculous vessel it is and what it goes through during labor. About 30 hours of it and we finally got to meet our sweet bubba. Forever grateful I had the best support system to get me through 🫶🏼”

Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy from Instagram
Jenna Johnson & Val Chmerkovskiy/Instagram

“Oh baby this is so beautiful. Proud of you mamma 😍❤️” Jenna’s friend and costar Emma Slater wrote in the comments.

“Stunning and strong mama❤️❤️❤️” Lindsay Arnold added.

“Who wants to see the video 😏” Val joked. Plenty of fans chimed in and said they would like to see the video, but it’s very unlikely that Val or Jenna will share that anytime soon.

The couple still hasn’t released their son’s name or shown photos of his face. But by all accounts, it seems like Jenna gave birth to a healthy son. And as she teased in a recent Instagram photo, his name likely starts with an “R.”

What do you think Jenna and Val named their baby? Be sure to share your ideas in the comments.

DWTS fans wait for news and updates on the other expecting mothers

Jenna Johnson was the first Dancing With The Stars cast member to give birth this year, but she won’t be the last. Daniella Karagach, Witney Carson, Lindsay Arnold, and Jenna’s sister-in-law Peta Murgatroyd are all currently expecting. Daniella, Witney, and Lindsay are all due in May while Peta is due in June.

DWTS fans agree that there was definitely a major baby boom this year.

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