‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Reveals What Is Wrong With Her Baby

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown has fans worried about her new baby boy. In a recent share on social media, Raiven has finally opened up about why her newborn is spending time in NICU after his birth.

Here is what Raiven has said about her new baby’s medical issues.

What is wrong with Raiven Brown’s new son?

Alaskan Bush People stars Bear and Raiven Brown welcomed their second son into the world on Friday morning. Raiven went into the hospital that day for a scheduled C-section. This is because her first child was born prematurely when it became life-threatening, and the doctors felt it best for a planned birth for Raiven.

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However, even with the scheduled C-section, Raiven told fans after the birth that the baby was taken to NICU and was getting medical attention. This had fans worried, even when Raiven said that the baby was getting healthier by the day. Now, Raiven has revealed what caused the baby to end up in the NICU.

Raiven took to her Instagram Stories and updated fans on the recent NICU stay for her new baby boy. In the first post, she showed a picture of her holding her new son with the on-screen caption reading, “Baby boys nicu stay is due to issues with his lungs.” She also said he is “going better daily.”

Raiven then posted a second one, clearly answering questions from fans. She wrote, “It is not liquid on the lungs for those asking it’s premature infant lung disease. Not as common in baby’s that are born as far along as he is.” Her son was 38 weeks when he entered the world.

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Raiven Brown also said that she and Bear would hold off on revealing the baby’s name until he was out of the NICU. This means Alaskan Bush People fans have some time to wait to learn the baby’s name.

What is premature infant lung disease?

Raiven Brown said that the issue is premature infant lung disease. This is also called bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). According to kidshealth.org, this is a problem with how a baby’s lung tissue develops. It mostly happens in babies who are born very early or who have breathing problems at birth.

Since Raiven’s son was born mostly on time, it sounds like he had struggles breathing at birth. The good news is that most infants get better and this comes with no long-term health problems. In minor cases, intensive medical care is needed. However, based on Raiven and Bear’s posts, it sounds like the baby is progressing well and is getting better quickly.

Bear and Raiven Brown are in Texas right now. They went there to be closer to the hospital for the child’s birth and Raiven is getting the best help possible at this time as mother and child recover from the tough pregnancy.

Please help send your well-wishes to Raiven Brown and her newborn baby boy in the comments below.

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