Britney Spears Secretly Selling $12M Calabasas Home?

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Britney Spears has been in the news pretty often in recent months. Many fans are concerned about her mental health after a rather public legal fight for her conservatorship to end. Now, she is quietly selling her home in Calabasas which she only stayed in briefly. Continue reading to see why Britney is selling her home and what’s next for the pop icon.

Britney Spears Is Reportedly Selling Her Home

According to TMZ, Britney Spears’ home in Calabasas is quietly being sold for $12 million. That is only slightly above what she and Sam Asghari bought it for last June at $11.8 million. Bryce Pennel at Compass holds the listing for the Calabasas home.

It is known that Britney started showing the home off-market last week. However, many people are questioning why she’s moving out of the new house that was meant to be her and her husband’s.

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Actually, Britney Spears moved out of the Calabasas mansion shortly after moving in. She didn’t waste any time on any renovations for the home or anything. There are speculations that the location was far too exposed for her. Additionally, the property is said to be in the same neighborhood as her ex, Kevin Federline.

All of that combined made it impossible for Britney to fall in love with the new home. She was reportedly quick to look for a way for them to sell it.

Get Ready To See The Famous Living Room Again

Not to worry though! Britney Spears never sold her home in Thousand Oaks, which she purchased back in 2015. So, she will simply go back to living her everyday life there alongside her husband, Sam Asghari.

Compared to her 1.6-acre lot in Calabasas, Britney’s Thousand Oaks home has 21 acres. It is far less exposed and gives the pop star the privacy she craves at this point in her life.

Fans will recognize the living room of the Thousand Oaks mansion, which Britney made famous through her bizarre Instagram videos.


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Britney Spears was held up in the Thousand Oaks mansion for a long time. Many people have questioned her desire to go back to the same home.

Is Britney Spears Spiraling?

On top of selling her newlywed home, Britney has also been making some other changes in her life. More recently, she claimed to have changed her name to River Red. According to her Instagram bio, it is the new name on the account.

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There were also reports of Britney Spears’ manic behavior in a Los Angeles restaurant that she has since shrugged off as being “tipsy.” More recently, she’s been sharing old photos with Justin Timberlake and getting bad tattoos.

Not surprisingly, many people are concerned about the pop star’s mental health. What do you think of Britney Spears selling her Calabasas home? Let us know in the comments!

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