Sam Asghari Defends Britney Spears’ Recent Behavior: NOT Manic

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Britney Spears was spotted having what many people are describing as a manic episode while grabbing dinner with her husband, Sam Asghari, at an L.A. restaurant this weekend. TMZ caught up with Brittney’s husband who is shutting down all chatter that his wife was having a manic episode or acting erratically. What happened that caused people to think Britney Spears was having a manic episode? What did her husband have to say about it? Keep reading for the details.

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Britney Spears spotted acting bizarre at L.A. restaurant

In a video clip obtained and shared by TMZ, Britney Spears was spotted acting strangely at an L.A. restaurant. The video clip captures Britney talking gibberish and wiggling around while covering her face with a menu.

Individuals at the restaurant told TMZ that Sam and Britney arrived with their bodyguard before immediately being recognized by people.

Patrons within the establishment quickly started pulling out their phones and capturing videos and photos of Britney Spears. The singer got frustrated and her behavior took a turn. Patrons recalled Britney yelling and talking gibberish in a made-up language. Witnesses recall Sam getting upset and suddenly leaving.

A few minutes after Sam left, the bodyguard escorted Britney out of the establishment before returning to pay the bill.

Sam Asghari denies being manic, says she was just frustrated

Sam Asghari tells TMZ that eyewitnesses misunderstood his actions. He merely left the restaurant to get the car because Britney had become upset by all the attention they were getting when they were merely trying to sit down and get something to eat.

Sam explained that he understood being recognized and people pulling out their cameras just comes with the territory. But, that doesn’t make it any less overwhelming when you just want to sit down and eat dinner. Sam Asghari insisted that Britney was in no way having a manic episode. She was merely upset that she couldn’t enjoy a meal with her husband without people shoving cameras in her face.

Those who follow Britney on social media agree she also seemingly responded to allegations she was manic by posting a video of her dancing and flipping the bird to the camera. Unfortunately, Britney doesn’t have her comments on right now. So, fans aren’t able to react or ask questions about her social media activity right now.

In response to Sam’s statement, many fans noted that he still shouldn’t have left her alone in the restaurant regardless of where he was going.

Do you think fans blew Britney’s behavior at the restaurant out of proportion? Let us know in the comments down below.


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