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Britney Spears Dead Fan Theory Continues To Gain Traction


As TvShowsAce reported earlier this month, the internet is pretty convinced that Britney Spears is dead. In fact, the internet thinks she’s been dead for a while and her husband Sam (or someone else in her family) is controlling her Instagram to make it appear as if she’s still alive.

Fans of the singing sensation have been anxiously watching her social media profiles with a close eye for the past few weeks. For starters, Britney has posted a wealth of old content that has fans wondering where she is. Likewise, Britney told Instagram she had traveled to NYC recently. This only caused concern to mount as fans couldn’t find a single paparazzi photo to confirm this was true. And most of her followers were in agreement it would be impossible for her to travel to New York City and completely evade the paparazzi.

Britney Spears - Instagram
Britney Spears – Instagram

Britney Spears lied for privacy?

According to TMZ, sources close to the singer explain that Britney decided to lie and claim she was in NYC to throw people off and be more successful in evading the paparazzi. Turns out, she was actually on a vacation with Sam Asghari in Mexico. Moreover, TMZ‘s sources confirm the videos Britney posted on her profile of her showering were taken last week during her Mexico vacation.

Britney herself has taken to Instagram and posted another video of herself showering. The video had most of her body cropped off as she affirmed the video was taken in Mexico. She also implied that Instagram removed her previous video because she was showing too much of her nude body.

Britney Spears - Instagram
Britney Spears – Instagram

Her parents added fuel to dead rumors

Just last week, photos were snapped of Britney Spears’ parents Lynne and Jamie arriving in Los Angeles. These photos had fans concerned something had happened to Britney and only added fuel to the is she dead rumors. Turns out, however, they were just in town because Britney’s niece was performing in a Christmas production.

Fortunately, it looks like overly anxious fans are making connections and drawing conclusions that don’t really exist. Britney was never in NYC, she just wanted a little privacy to enjoy Mexico with her husband, Sam. Still, most fans wish she would briefly go live on social media just to confirm she was doing alright.

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