Kendra Wilkinson’s Son All Grown Up, Doing Big Things

Kendra Wilkinson - Instagram

Kendra Wilkinson shared a photo of her son on social media this week. Henry “Hank” Baskett IV is celebrating his admission into a private school. It is clear his parents are beyond happy about his achievement and fans were amazed to see how much he’s grown up. Keep reading to get a glimpse of Hank all grown up, plus see what Kendra Wilkinson had to say about her son.

Kendra Wilkinson’s Split From Her Ex

In June 2023, Kendra Wilkinson appeared on Melissa Gorga’s podcast to talk about her divorce from Hank Baskett. She also opened up about her reality television career potentially coming to an end.

“It was impossible to be happy at that point,” Kendra said in relation to her marriage. “I didn’t even know how to be happy. My kids were what gave me the purpose.”

Kendra Wilkinson - Instagram
Instagram/Kendra Wilkinson

The couple finalized their split in February 2019. They share two children, her 14-year-old son Hank and 10-year-old daughter Alijah Mary. The pair has split legal and physical custody of the kids. Despite their breakup, Kendra and Hank are equally as proud of their son for his latest achievement.

Fans Are Shocked At How Much Kendra’s Son Has Grown

It isn’t often that Kendra Wilkinson shares photos of her children on social media. However, to celebrate the moment, she posted a stunning photo of Hank and shared how proud she was of him for achieving such an awesome thing. The photo showed Hank standing in front of a door, holding a certificate of admission.

Hank, 14, has been admitted into a private high school. In the photo, he holds the admission paper for Oaks Christian. The caption read, “Congratulations @hank_baskett12 I love you so much and watched you work hard to get to where you are. I’m so proud of you my boy. Keep going!!!”

The post was cross-shared on Instagram and Facebook. On Facebook, fans were eager to comment on how much Hank had grown up.

“Wow… remembering when he was so young as I watched KENDRA so many years ago! So handsome… CONGRATULATIONS to Hank!” one person wrote. Another person wrote, “I remember when you found out you were pregnant and being pregnant with him. He is so grown up and handsome! Congratulations young man! Before you know it will be time for college!”

Several people commented on how the photo made them feel “old” after watching him grow up on TV.

Side by side of Kendra Wilkinson's son Hank

Her ex-husband, Hank, also shared the same photo of his son. He expressed how proud he was in the caption, “Proud cannot truly express how I feel! Great things in life do not come without sacrifice, hard work and commitment….all of which define you to your core.”

Hank concluded the post, “Congratulations on this next step in your journey!!! I look forward to witnessing your continued growth!!”

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