Gwendlyn Brown Reveals Kody & Robyn Unvaccinated

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Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown has been sharing the unfiltered truth about his family. The 21-year-old shared a startling detail about Kody and Robyn Brown. She revealed that the couple is unvaccinated despite the fact that the Brown family patriarch pushed strict COVID regulations on the family. So, why are Robyn and Kody unvaccinated? Keep reading to find out the details!

Gwendlyn Brown Says Kody And Robyn Don’t Believe In Vaccines

In a YouTube video on Thursday, Christine Brown’s daughter revealed that her father’s strict rules were particularly ironic given how he and his favorite wife remain unvaccinated. Gwendly Brown posts videos on a weekly basis reacting to the latest episodes of Sister Wives. She took charge of bringing out the truth, especially after viewers’ interest has increased and now that he is down to just one wife.

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Answering a fan’s question about COVID and vaccination, she revealed, “So, of my parents, I’m pretty sure all of them except for Robyn and my dad are vaccinated. Those two don’t believe in vaccines, which is really ironic considering everything that’s been going on the show.”

“There may be more who are also unvaccinated. I’m sure some of the more evangelical parts of our family also chose not to get vaccinated because of religious reasons and personal oppositions to it, but most of us are vaccinated,” she added.

Kody Brown’s COVID Rules Caused Tension With His Wives

During the pandemic, Kody’s extremely strict COVID rules required everyone to change clothes immediately upon arriving home if they have been out in public. They also need to disinfect their mail, stay away from friends, and more. However, these rules didn’t sit well with Janelle Brown and Christine Brown who refused to follow his guidelines and visited their adult children who lived outside Flagstaff, Arizona, at the time.

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This was when the existing tension between Kody and two of his wives started surfacing and was more prominent than it ever was. The family’s differing views about COVID and Kody’s rules strained the Brown family patriarch’s relationship with some of Christine and Janelle’s kids. This includes Gabriel, Garrison, and Gwendlyn as well.

Gwendlyn Brown Feels Less About Robyn Brown

In an earlier YouTube video shared in December, Gwendlyn Brown didn’t shy about sharing her views on Robyn Brown. She revealed, “I do feel less about Robyn from watching this, but I feel like that’s not very fair from me because I don’t really like her as a person.”

Numerous times on the TLC series, he has isolated himself from other members of the family. He stated that he kept his distance as they socialized during COVID and even traveled. The 54-year-old noted that because Robyn had younger children, he wanted to keep them safe.

Gwendlyn Brown YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

However, his decision to spend more time with Robyn and her children caused an estrangement between Kody and his other wives. Some of his older kids also felt that he used the pandemic as an excuse to spend more time with Robyn.

What do you think of this latest revelation about Kody and Robyn Brown by Gwendlyn Brown? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back with TV Shows Ace for more on Sister Wives!

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