Mykelti Padron Spills Who REALLY Made COVID Rules- Not Kody

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Mykelti Padron and her husband Tony recently went live on social media where they spilled all sorts of family tea. Video clips featuring different segments of the live stream have started making rounds on TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram. In one clip, Mykelti and her husband Tony Padron touched on the Brown family COVID rules. The rules that everyone assumed either Kody or Robyn Brown created.

Turns out, the network heavily twisted the story and things weren’t really what they appeared in the series during the past few seasons. In fact, Mykelti Padron wanted it to be clear that Kody Brown is NOT who created the COVID rules the family was required to adhere to. Was it actually Robyn who created the rules? Did one of the other wives create the rules? Where did the rules come from?

Fortunately, Mykelti and her husband Tony Padron were happy to spill all the tea.

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Mykelti Padron spills who made COVID rules — It wasn’t Kody Brown

In a shocking tell-all session on social media, Mykelti Brown felt it was important to clear the air on the family COVID-19 rules. She wanted to make sure Sister Wives fans understood that even though Kody Brown took the blame for the rules, he wasn’t the want that created them. She, however, proceeded to also clarify it wasn’t Robyn or any of the other wives that created the rules either. So, who created these COVID rules that many believe were the beginning of the end for this family?

Turns out, it was actually the network itself that created the rules. Mykelti Padron explains that TLC created the COVID rules for the purpose of protecting the show, not the family. Turns out, these rules were established as they were what allowed the filming crew to come in and get the job done. If anyone in the Brown family contradicted COVID (which did happen) it would stop the filming crew in their tracks.

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For the purpose of the show, the family couldn’t say the network created the rules because it really wouldn’t contribute to the storyline. So, it was just easier for the network to have Kody Brown become the fall guy and claim he created the rules.

Does this mean TLC played a heavy hand in destroying this family? Some Sister Wives fans can’t help but wonder what this family would have looked like if TLC had never gotten involved.

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How do you feel knowing Kody Brown didn’t make the COVID rules? Let us know down below in the comments.

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  1. I really do not believe the network is to blame for the covid rules when most of the family attempted to see Kody and we’re rejected by him. Did the network allow the nanny to continue to come and go as usual? kody was fine with going to a wedding but not his daughter’s surgery? What about seeing his son’s outside? Why did he refuse that? It makes no sense.

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